About Us

We are four girlfriends who met in a college…something we believe to be "a happy accident".

Erin- Adventure and challenge might sum up my day to day life. If I’m not training for my next half- marathon you will find me cycling my heart out, kicking the heck out of kick boxing or pumping the iron in a group power class. Activity is my thing. I live and breathe exercise, fitness and nutrition. Whether it is in the gym or hiking a trail, I can’t get enough of it. I love spending hours in the kitchen pouring over a new recipe and I am a sucker for anything that involves sweet potatoes!  I’m competitive to the core, mostly with myself, but I am always striving for more in my fitness goals, career path and spiritual walk. I’m an expert Auntie to my 4 adorable nieces and nephews- they are some of the cutest kids to ever grace this earth. I take a great deal of pride in smothering them with lots of love! My life is directed by Jesus and I feel most alive with a cup of coffee in hand, sitting around a table with my heart friends and family that He has blessed me with. My career has led me in many different directions but at the moment I spend my days in the corporate world at a company called Otter Box. Soon enough I will do what I’m most passionate about, which is counseling and helping those in need. Life has been so good to me.  Every day I try my best to soak it up and enjoy each moment. I am crazy blessed.


Mekenzie- God has gifted us with passions, dreams, and hobbies that are so perfectly unique. I love that each of us are so beautifully different. I love... cooking: slicing, chopping, marinating, boiling, sautéing. I feel most creative in the kitchen. Its my therapy and brings me energy and life. Hosting: tables filled with close friends, colorful foods, napkins, platters, lighting, music. I want others to feel at home in my home. I want them to feel fed physically and spiritually as they come and go. Farmers markets: bikes, iced americanos, fresh flowers, herbs, colorful berries, spreads and salsas. Farmers markets scream summer and Saturdays and I love scouting them out in every city. Trail runs: dirt and dust and lakes and running shoes. I love to be outside every chance I get.  Summer: Patios, happy hours, flip flops, country music, and boating. It is truly the happiest season. Writing: inspiring books, fresh journals, unique cozy coffee shops and cafes. Its an avenue to think and be creative. Whole Foods: fresh produce, curry, and bins filled with seeds. It is my happy place. Sunday Afternoons: walks at Wash park and church and frozen yogurt. Competing: bibs and peanut butter toast and race day outfits and course maps. I love the challenge of accomplishing personal goals. Mornings: big breakfasts and quiet times and coffees. But all of these things I love would be meaningless and dull without relationships to share them with, possibly one of God's greatest evidences of himself here on earth. These are just a few things that make my life rich and full.

Lauren- I'm a small town girl at heart living in the city with my hearthrob husband, Nick. We are both fitness enthusiasts, Bible readers, Netflix over-users, recipe testers, Chipotle-aholics, travel dreamers and adventure lovers. I am a girl that swoons over healthy yet tasty recipes, new workout clothes, happy summery music, tough sweaty workouts, a glass of wine on a patio, and all things food and fitness.Don't get me wrong though, I will never turn down a big bowl of ice cream and warm brownies. You have to learn to find the balance! I work in a corporate office by day, but am most comfortable in the gym and in my kitchen. I find true joy in planning and hosting dinner parties, showers, get-togethers, any form of community is what makes my heart happy. My true calling is to be a wife, sister-friend, and hopefully a mama someday. I am so undeserving but so very thankful for this crazy, beautiful life.


Gabrielle- I'm a believer; in Jesus Christ, in hopes, in dreams, in true love, in sweating at least once a day with a killer workout, in setting goals and achieving them, and that anything is possible.
I am a newlywed and love being a wife to a Godly, studly, soccer playing man. I am an auntie, a sister, a daughter, a best friend, a fashionista, a workout junkie, a baker by day and a chef by night.
I love everything fashion forward and can waste hours on fashion, wedding, and healthy living blogs..did i say waste? I mean get lost in! My friends inspire me. All for different reasons but at the heart of it they push me to be my best, to work harder, try new things, and to persevere through lives bad hair days. I am a beach girl to the core and long to live by the ocean daily, my favorite food is Mexican and ice cream is the perfect cure for anything!

Holly- I'm a lover of my heavenly Father and have made it a daily task to trust him with every part of my being. It never ever seems to be easy for me but God shows me how to do so through my favorite things. These "favorite things" make me who I am today. So, here they are (all alliterated of course): My Faith, family, friends, food, and fitness! God shows up constantly in each of these areas and has given me a great passion for these things. My faith comes above all things, or at least that is what I strive for. I have two amazing older sisters who are both married. My oldest, Shannon, has three talented kids that I love to watch perform and a husband who guards me like his own sister. Lauren, my middle sister, has a goober of a husband that I consider a best friend. My sisters are my biggest influences, without argument I have the best older sisters out there. My friends are the best of the best! Sounds cliché, but they know when I need a shoulder to cry on and a good belly laugh. They give me thick skin and a soft heart. We conjure up meals that I end up making over and over for weeks. Healthy nut bars and not so healthy cookies are my weakness. I played soccer in college and I am filled when I get to play. Since I’m old and graduated playing washed up women’s soccer and running races new found joys. I love trying new things, traveling to new places, and meeting new people. I’m a Colorado native, concert seeking, adventure hiking, 4 Seasons lover, Bronco fanatic, nail polish loving girl who is excited to share my blessings!

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