Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Swimming Suit Safe SWEET treats!

Summer in Kansas City is hot! I'm in a constant state of craving for some frozen yogurt. If you're anything like me your always on the hunt for something healthy to appease your after dinner sweet tooth or pool side snack desire. Yesterday my friend Hannah came over and showed me my summer time saving grace....

Get excited for HEALTHY BANANA ICE CREAM!!!  I die.

The small amount of fat in bananas become magic when frozen and blended up. They turn creamy instead of crumbly, with a smooth custdard-like texture.

Here's how its done friends:
Grab a couple ripe bananas
Peel your bananas and slice into small pieces. Freeze the cut pieces.
Put your frozen banana pieces in a food processor and run it until bananas are smooth and creamy
Watch the magic happen when they turn into ice cream. Always add peanut butter if you love it as much as I do.
 (or cinnamon)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

What to expect when your expecting...to run a race!

I am in no way qualified to write this post as I am very much a novice runner myself but on behalf of National running day yesterday I couldn't let the week pass by without speaking to one of my favorite hobbies in the whole world. I fell in love with running a couple of years ago. It started with a few 5K's and than I allowed myself a promotion to half marathons. I hope to run my first marathon within the next year. I love setting fitness goals and training for things that push me to accomplish what I would never guess I could do before. In high school I had to run the mile once a month in weights and conditioning class and I would scower the halls of school looking for my brother, an expert signiture forger to write doctors notes, parents notes, anything I could think of to get me out of running that mile. You would have never been able to convince me I would one day enjoy running. 

Again, I am far from an expert runner and focus most of my efforts in the "running world" on figuring out what shoes to buy and what course would be the prettiest rather than perfecting my form, working on splits or anything else that would further my running abilities. I simply just really like the feat of running a good race. It makes me feel alive and motivated and accomplished and so I do it. That being said and having fully squelched all credibility I might have had I give you my list of what to expect when your expecting...to run a race.

1) Runners trot:The 'plague' of a runner.Running jostles the intestines and removes the blood flow to the intestines as it works to move your blood to your working muslces. It also stimulates changes in your intestinal hormones that speeds up transit time and alters absorption rate. Part way through your run you might get a terrible urge to go to the bathroom. Thats normal. At least for me it was. Expect this sensation as a runner and plan accordingly so you can stop off during your training or find a spot during your race. Someone once told me that during marathons some people poop their pants. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not that dedicated to my time. Ill skip the poopy pants dance and take the time hit.  
2) Feeling like your not going to finish 
- When you feel like you won't finish try to think about your form. Are my shoulders low and loose? Are my feet landing directly underneath me? Am I landing between my heal and mid foot? Am I landing lightly? Am I running upright? Is my gaze guiding my run? When you get tired you get lazy with form. You'll endure your miles better and faster and have better performance if you think about form during your runs. 
- Eating a good breakfast is important. You need to have enough energy in your body to sustain you for your whole race. 
- Eat the breakfast you will have the morning of your race during training so your body will know how to react with the food you have in your stomach come race day. 
3) Feeling like your not ready for the raceduring training
- Try to plan your training schedule around the same time your race will start. This will give you a chance to experience how strong your body will feel during race day.
4) Feeling unmotivated to train
- Switch up your running routes
- Make a new music playlist 
- Buy a race day outfit 
5) Think like a runner: Mental preparation
-  Decide what gets you mentally prepared for a race. It might be quoting a verse, visualizing your course, having solitude time before you begin. Whatever it is, get yourself in race mode.
6) Buy a good pair of shoes
7) Adrenaline Rush
- Prepare yourself for an adrenaline rush on race day. My very first race I started way too fast at the starting line and found myself feeling fatigued early. Pace yourself

Happy National Running Day! (late) Now lace up those runners and get outside.