Saturday, February 9, 2013

Knowledge is tasty. Drink some.

How did that taste? A big gulp of pride, with some embarrassment to wash it down. It doesn’t taste awesome but sometimes we got to do it. I had to swallow my pride just a week ago. 
I was having my daily phone chat with Mekenzie and she was telling me about how she did this awesome kettle bell work out. She mentioned how she was in anaerobic state during the majority of the workout. She went on about how hard it was and intense it was. And I interrupted and said, 
“Oh, no Kenz, you mean aerobic!” (This is where I act like a ‘know it all’ when really I don’t know a thing!) 
She was kind and said, “Really? Are you sure?” 
I “corrected” her again, “Nope, sorry Kenz. Your wrong.”
She reluctantly agreed and said, “I thought it was the other way around, but ok, you’re probably right, Er.” 
(And I am looking more and more foolish) 
We finished our conversation with our typical, “Can’t wait to live in the same city soon. Miss you!” 
Fast forward 2 days.... 
I’m in cycling class and my instructor says, “We are doing hill intervals. I want you at a level 10 (not breathing, state) in your anaerobic zone.” 
“Um, say what? You cra cra instructor, you must be confused. I know everything and you’re wrong. You were trying to say aerobic zone.” (I didn’t say this out loud, thank God!)
First thing I did when I got home - I Googled aerobic versus anaerobic. To my utter shock, surprise and horror I was WRONG! What? This cannot be? Can it? Surely I didn’t correct Kenz, when she was right all along. 
Well, I was. Gulp. Here goes...swallowing my pride. I texted Kenz and fessed up to being wrong and correcting her and for being a ‘know it all.’ 
Thankfully she is a very forgiving friend and laughed about it!

Let me save you from this type of embarrassment and share with you some information about aerobic versus anaerobic exercise. Hopefully, after this informative post you won’t have to eat pride for breakfast. Trust me, it doesn’t taste good. 

Areobic exercise simply means the presence of oxygen in the body. “Air”-obic is how I like to remember it. There is enough oxygen (air) in the muscles for them to maintain the desired activity for a long period of time. Usually at this stage you will not be feeling uncomfortable or have any burning of the muscles. 
It is estimated that in aerobic exercise you are usually between 60-70% of your maximum heart rate. 
Running or jogging is a great Aerobic exercise 

Aerobic Activities: light jogging, elliptical, swimming, stationary bike.  

Anaerobic exercise simply means the absence of oxygen in the body. Usually you will reach an anaerobic state when you are doing high intensity work outs or finishing the final sprint of the race. You will know you are in the anaerobic state because your muscles start to burn and you would only be able to maintain that intensity for a short period of time. 
The burning that occurs during anaerobic activity is because of the build up of lactic acid in the muscles. 
It is estimated that in the anaerobic zone you are usually between 80-90% of you maximum heart rate. 

My Saturday morning Group Power Class. LOVE it!
Anaerobic Activities: sprinting, weight-lifting, HIIT workouts, and many sports such as football, soccer, and tennis. 
There it is my fellow readers. Take these FYI’s and lock them away. I want this information to save you from swallowing your pride and embarrassing yourself in front of your best friend. This is one healthy dose of knowledge- So Drink It Up! 

 Now go work out! 

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