Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Walk in My Shoes

There is seriously nothing better than a new pair a shoes. I don’t care if it’s a pair of 4 inch stilettos, the cutest strappy sandals or the flashiest new running kicks- they all light my fire. I think new shoes are mood altering. Like when I look down at my feet, my heart flutters and I start to smile because they make me giddy. Usually, for me, new shoes represent something that is currently happening in my life. This past November I bought the most fab pair of grey boots. They were perfect. And the reason why these incredible boots were on my feet was because of my birthday. They were my present to myself and it might have been the best gift I have ever given!  They represented a milestone. Another year under my belt, lessons learned, wisdom gained and new shoes to prove it. Every time I wear my favorite boots, I stand a little taller, and not just because they have a bit of a heal on them!

I had the feeling last week that I was on the brink of newness. It was aching in my bones and showing up with tear filled eyes. It was Valentine’s Day (other’s might call it national Singleness Awareness day!) I called it hang out with your best friend Holly day. Whatever you call the 14th day of February doesn't really matter. What mattered was I was on the verge of something new; a new outlook on life, with a changed perspective and a lot more joy. Of course with a new chapter on the horizon comes a new pair of kicks! These Nike's are not just amazing because they have bright purple laces but they represent something so much more. It’s a new chapter for me; one that I think might be very challenging but also very rewarding. I have taken off my old self (yet again!) and am bringing on the new. I am no longer slave to my past of fear of being alone, not having the perfect career or acting like I have all s*%! together. I am excited to use these amazing new shoes to kick the heck out of kick boxing, cycle a million miles (not literally, but who knows I’m a huge fan lately) and run fast to where I want to go. And I have a lot of places I want to go!

So here’s my advice. Buy new shoes. You have my blessing. Do it. It means more than just looking sexy in that new pair of pumps or rocking it out at the gym with the brightest pair of Nike’s; it means you’re starting something new. Maybe you’re getting ready to train for a half-marathon or primping for your first date with the hot guy from the coffee shop- whatever it is, embrace it with new shoes on your feet that are going to give you the confidence to face whatever lies ahead.

Anyway, life can be hard sometimes- but it’s a whole heck of a lot easier when you have new shoes on your feet to go through the journey.

I’m currently obsessing over cycling classes. 

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