Saturday, March 2, 2013

Welcome to our Blog Makeover!

We are so excited to reveal our new look! We loved our original name and layout, but we felt the ol' bloggy could use a little re-vamp and added girly factor.

We changed our name to "Serendipitous", which means a happy accident. This perfectly describes our friendship. We all met in college, having come from different places all over Colorado and truly believe our meeting was divinely planned. We were meant to be bests, and God brought the four of us together to journey through life. We all bring something different to the friendship, and we hope you can see that through our posts.

While we will continue to post about all things health and fitness, we are going to be adding in all kinds of fun lifestyle posts about life, love, relationships, fashion, and wherever else life takes us.

THANK YOU to our followers for sticking with us during this transition, and we hope you enjoy our new look! 

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