Saturday, March 9, 2013

For the Love of the Game

There are not many sports that I haven’t played, swam, danced, tumbled, ran or jumped. I love sports. So so much! I love playing them for sure and I love watching them too. I am competitive to the core, which is why I get so much excitement and life out of a healthy competition. Of all the things I have done, volleyball is by far my favorite. I have been playing since I was 11 and haven’t ever looked back. I did every summer sports camp, open gym practice and was the first to put on my knee pads and spandex every year for team try outs. Some of my fondest high school memories are playing with my team. When it was time to go to college I decided that I would turn down the 2 small offers I got to play at D2 schools and went to a big university where I did not stand a chance of playing. But I wasn’t going to let the fact that I’m only 5’5’’ and have a vertical of a elephant stop me from playing. So, I competed in intramural volleyball all through college. In the summers, I coached high school girls volleyball at Kanakuk Christian Sports Kamp (yes, camp with a 'K'.) I loved coaching so I decided to pass down my love of the game to another team of girls and coached my first club season of 15 year old freshmen. It was a blast. I had moments where I got jealous of my girls because I remember how much I enjoyed playing Club and I wanted to be in their shoes again! (I might regret ever saying that I wish I was a 15 year old teenager again!) 
My high school days of play Libero 
Coaching Club volleyball for Colorado North Stars. They were an amazing group of girls. 

This year, I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t get to play the game that I am so in love with. I wasn’t able to coach this year and I wasn’t in college so my options were limited as to where I can play. Thankfully, one of my girl friends from work loves the game just as much as I do, and offered for me to join her team! Without skipping a beat, I accepted the invitation and signed up with their recreation team. We had a blast playing- no doubt, but we weren’t very good! We did not win very much, but that’s not what it’s about. Playing volleyball for me is so much more than winning. It’s a way for me to use my skills, be a part of a team, play my passion, work out and have a ton of fun! We laughed just as much as we scored points, which in my mind is a successful season.
 (Don’t get me wrong, I want to win...but that comes second to having a good time!)

Serves You Right! That was our team name. 

I am excited to continue playing. It is for the love of the game because, man, I love the game. We are setting up are co-ed team for the summer season of sand volleyball right now and you better believe I will keep you posted with some pictures of us spiking the heck out of that volleyball. Do what you love. I love volleyball. 

~ Erin

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