Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Coffee In Bed

 There aren't a lot of things that top a cup of coffee in bed. Coffee in bed to me means lazy, coffee in bed means slow, coffee in bed means reading and journaling, coffee in bed means cozy bonus time. I think we should all commit to at least 1 "coffee in bed morning" every week. Life is full, full of workouts, full time jobs, errands, time with friends, cooking, boyfriend time and so many other things that bring us joy and and things that are done simply out of necessity. Because of busyness, often scheduling rest and relaxation is crucial.

Rest days are critical both physiologically and psychologically. If you workout, muscles need rest to repair, rebuild, and restrengthen. Building in rest days to your workout schedule is mandatory to reach fitness goals and keep your body in great shape. Disregarding rest days can lead to overtraining. psychologically, our bodies need time to catch up. My workouts are better, my relationships are better, and my energy levels are better when I make time for myself and for rest during the weekly hustle and bustle of life.

Resting may look different from person to person. For me, it means setting my alarm to allow for at least an hour in bed with my coffee (and often my breakfast...shhhh.) I like to read the bible, a book, flip through magazines, browse recipes on Pinterest, or journal. I hang out in my pj's. I watch the time go by. I sip slowly and I rest. For others, rest time might look like an early morning yoga practice, a mug of tea, a big batch of pancakes and a lazy breakfast.

This week, challenge yourself  to at least 1 "coffee in bed morning." Whatever that looks like for you. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Practice it. Do it.

Happy resting!

~ Mekenzie

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  1. Amen sister. ...nothing like my quiet morning Bible, my cup of coffee, and my bed. Bliss before the battles. Where Jesus gets me ready for the day.