Tuesday, April 23, 2013

California Dreamin'

The past few weeks, well let's be honest..months, I've had a hole in my heart the size of California.
I dream about swimming in the ocean, going for long walks/jogs down the beach, having bonfires with friends & family, laying out at the beach on a perfectly striped towel until the sun goes down, driving along the PCH in our 350Z with the top down, shopping for groceries at Trader Joe's, dining out at all the fun N trendy restaurants.... and many many more adventures. People, I am a clothes/fashion JuNkIe!..and my style as we head into summer is totally Cali inspired. All i want to wear is long flowing skirts and crop tops, backless dresses, and big sun hats and swimsuits. If you can't quite picture it because it is snowing here in Colorado!!! (Grr) Let me help you.. :)


To add to my desire to be a Boho, beach addict, sun-kissed babe I do my daily workouts with 
these beauties ... 

If you're not familiar with these gorgeous faces and rockin' bods, they are the Tone It Up! Girls Katrina and Karena.. a.k.a. My girl crushes :) 
They have amazing workout plans, nutrition guides, and videos to motivate you through any workout. 
I have honestly never felt more stoked (look at me I'm Cali girl already lol) , challenged, and accomplished as I do when I work out with these babes. I will have more to say about them in another post, I mean my girls deserve a post of their own, but for now you should check out their website and get started on their Bikini Series, which launched today, Woot wooT!
SOoo, all that to say, these girls' workout videos are filmed on the beach.. did you read that.. ON THE BEACH!! So everyday I workout "on the beach" and when I step outside in my crop top, shorts, and flip flops I have to remind myself I am not in Cali and I need to go put my beach towel back in the closet and wear a shirt the covers my entire stomach because you know I'll be getting those "You don't live on the beach and it will probably be snowing in a few hours" stares.. OvEr It! 

Let's also talk about how wonderful it is to get your morning coffee and take it down to the beach for a morning stroll.. It's perfect. I dream about that too.
I blame {thank endlessly} my parents for this deep rooted passion. They're both from California, met on the beaches of Hawaii, and then had my brother and I and kept us there for a few years. And by kept I mean allowed us to live in such an overwhelmingly beautiful place where we lived life to the fullest and surrounded ourselves with family and friends. I was born in Santa Cruz and we lived there until I was 6. We then would come back to visit Nor Cal or So Cal every summer. If you're from Cali and in love with the beach you can feel me on this one. Being at the beach, feeling the sand between my toes, and hearing the sound of the waves crashing just does something to me; my soul feels fed and alive at these moments... and it is the only place I ever experience these feelings so deep within. 
I am blessed that I married a man who has the same love for Cali and the beach as I do. I have no doubt we will live there someday. Until then I will keep on dreaming...

Mmm... find time today to escape to your haven. Until then, please enjoy mine :) 



<3 Gabrielle 

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  1. Girl, this Cali girl can relate 110%! Thanks for making me miss it even more!! ;)