Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rome wasn't built in a day

April brings on a newness that we have all been dying to see. Flowers are starting to bloom, nights are longer and the chairs have been pulled out on all the restaurant patios. We are on the cusp of summer. It is right before us. But hold up...I need to get bikini ready before the first pool day. After months of hiding under baggy winter sweaters and an extra layer of insulation it’s time to hit the gym hard and really be conscious of what I am eating. So here goes, operation bikini season is upon us!

Throw back to last summer! My girls give me inspiration.

April 1st: gym, eat healthy, no alcohol, limit sugars and carbs. 
April 2nd: run, eat healthy, no alcohol, limit sugars and carbs.
April 3rd: gym, eat healthy, no alcohol, limit sugars and carbs.
Weigh in: Same from when I started. 
April 4th: run, eat healthy, no alcohol, limit sugars and carbs. 
April 5th gym, eat healthy, no alcohol, limit sugars and carbs.
April 6th: run, eat healthy, some alcohol, limit sugars and carbs.
Weigh in: -.02lbs. Seriously? Scale, are you broken?

I felt like I had worked so hard and had done a good job with nutrition, and nothing happened. I was frustrated and discouraged. Maybe the scale number didn’t change, but I sure felt different. My insides felt healthier, cleaner. I had more energy this week and my body had gained strength. Although slightly discouraged about the number I learned some very important lessons this week. Most importantly, the number on the scale does NOT matter. It is easy for me (and probably a lot of ladies) to get wrapped around what that number says. The truth is- you have to feel good on the inside and look strong out the outside. And I haven’t felt this good in months. Also, I learned is that my body isn’t going to change over night. It takes consistency, hard work, eating healthy and some time for my body to change. If being fit were easy, than everyone would be, but it’s not as easy as one week of healthy eating and gym time in order to see change. It’s about dedication. Stick with the plan, set goals and soon enough you will notice a difference; maybe not with that number on the petty scale but for sure in how you look and feel. 

You know what they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day...” and neither is your summer body. Give it time and stay committed to your goals. For me, I have to keep things unique and interesting with my work outs otherwise I’ll plateau and get bored. After my favorite kick boxing class last night, my fitness instructor, Tara (who is the most incredible instructor I’ve ever had) told me about how she teaches step aerobics on Tuesday mornings and invited me to come. I reluctantly said I would be there but in the back of my mind was thinking, “Step aerobics? Isn’t that for old women? I don’t think that will be a good enough work out for me.”  Well, I happened to have the day off today so I decided to go. And, man, did it kick my butt! Tara, had the class toe tapping, ham-string curling and jumping circles around me. I was a little lost, but had a blast the entire time. Her energy and music choices are incredible and I am excited to master my step skills in the future. 

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Enjoy a step aerobics class for me this week!

~ Erin


  1. I love Tara's step class! Chelsea kills it too! Great post.

    1. Yeah, they both are incredible! It's sad that you and Mekenzie aren't in the classes anymore. Maybe you two should make a guest appearence soon!