Sunday, July 8, 2012

Adventures with Laurey!

The most difficult thing about moving from Colorado to Kansas City has been leaving my core four and building new friendships here. One of the many things I love so much about "my core" is that they are always up for any adventure. We never sit around  unless its to watch the Bachelor and drink wine of course. Some of my best memories in college were our  mountain getaways, running trails between classes with Erin, driving to Denver  to run at Wash park with Lauren capping off our runs at Linger (fav. spot in the Lower Highlands), dub step yoga with Gabrielle and so much more. Having friends that love to adventure and exercise as much as I do is one of the reasons we are so close. My friendships with them will never be replaced, but I'm so thankful that I have found a new friend in Kansas City that is also passionate about exercising and adventuring. I met Laurey in May and we became fast friends. So far we've hiked, gone to sporting events, and went white water rafting but best of all we recently decided we would try something we both had never done before. We took a paddle board yoga class. We became immediately obsessed and started dreaming of how we could own our own boards before the class was over. It turns out paddle boards are SUPER expensive so we plan on doing a couple days of rentals while we save for our own.

 The class was at this beautiful  lake in Shawnee Mission Park. At the beginning our instructor went over the basics, how you stand on a paddle board, techniques of paddling, sitting down etc. She then led us out to a perfect little cove for our yoga practice. We all anchored our boards to the bottom of the lake so they would stay somewhat still and completed an hour practice on the paddle boards listening to the birds, frogs, and fish. It was so quiet and peaceful as the sun  began to set. The practice was a little more intense than other yoga classes as your constantly using your core for balance and fighting for stability on your floating yoga mat. Only one girl fell in. We laughed, we talked, we were silent, and we stretched. It was easily my favorite summer adventure so far.

I couldn't bring my camera out on the lake to document, but I wanted to include some pictures of us before we started.

I'm sure there will be many more paddle board pictures to come!

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  1. that is so freaking awesome! i've been wanting to try paddleboarding- a ton of people do it out here! yoga on them sounds downright badass - very cool!