Saturday, August 18, 2012

A shower for the 'Couple Crush'!

Bride- to- be Gabrielle Braverman's wedding day is fast approaching. It will be surreal watching Mitch and Gabrielle finally tie the knot over Labor day weekend with 5 years of mostly long distance under their belt. I met Gabrielle in college while Mitch was states away in Indiana playing college soccer. The happy couple had been dating 4 years when she and I met. During my junior year we became best friends and I found myself being hyper protective over her. She was quite the catch and I wasn't sure if this boyfriend of hers was going to live up to my expectations. Mitch came to visit Fort Collins one weekend and I really loved him even if I didn't want to at first. I not only loved him as a person, but he was the perfect balance to my already amazing friend. He also fit right in with our core four and all of "our men" which was a huge deal breaker for us since we try to do holidays, mini trips, dinner parties, and all of life together on a regular basis. The more I get to know this couple the more blessed I become because of them.

Two weekends ago was the second of 4 parties to celebrate the couple crush. We really like a good excuse to celebrate, eat good food, and spend time together so we gathered close friends of the bride and gifted her with great stuff for her first home with husband. I busied myself on Pinterest researching bridal shower ideas that would fit Gabrielle's personality. After deciding on a vintage theme I spent many nights crafting decor.It was so much fun and made me feel close to her since we are currently 10 hours apart and I have been unable to be a part of a lot of the wedding details. At the shower we drank mimosas, played games, and enjoyed a backyard garden brunch complete with homemade quiche, various kinds of muffins, a yogurt bar full of toppings, and chocolate cupcakes.

 A bridal shower bonus was meeting one of Gabrielle's best friends. Gabby went to North Carolina last summer to be with Mitch while he played soccer for the Charlotte Eagles. Although, with reluctance we let her spend the summer with her babe, we were so excited when we found out we had a new friend to meet. Hillary Salvaggione. She's an incredible person. Inside and out. Her and I decided one day that we would be instant friends when we met because we love so much of the same things (*Breakfast, throwing parties, holidays, blogging...GABRIELLE) Check out her blog. She's an adventurous, newly preggo, MAJOR BABE and she is so fun to follow. 

                                  Can't wait for many more memories with Hillary, our new addition.

I don't know where I would be without this core! They are my joy. So excited to have 2 of the 4 married off in just three weeks. Wedding photos to come....

 I better save the rest for the MOH speech. Can't wait to toast to two of my favorites. LOVE YOU

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