Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to school!....OH WAIT!

      It  was back to school week for most and for the first time graduation has officially sunk in. Every year around this time was always so exciting. At the end of summer  my mom would plan a  girls weekend to  go shopping for new "back to school outfits." I usually had a friend along and the weekend was all about eating out, staying at a hotel, and mapping out our daily shopping plan of action.  I always loved getting back into a routine and having a fresh new year ahead.

      I'm all grown up now I guess. I just recently started a "big girl" job working in HR for an apparel company in Kansas City that partners with Nike and Hurley to make  logo apparel and caps for college bookstores, line coaches, title boxing, and others. It's a really great job and I'm SUPER grateful to even have a job in this crazy market. The struggle has been trying to figure out how to balance life outside of my 8-5 job commitment. Its tougher than I expected and takes some extra thought to plan healthy meals, get my workouts in, and see friends during the week.

A little peek at my work! Such a fun and stimulating work atmosphere!

     At the beginning of the school year, I always enjoyed trying something new that would be a challenge for the year. Last year it was kickboxing. With all of this crazy transition in my life I decided to celebrate the new year a little early and came up with a list of 'new year' resolutions and goals. I thought now would  be a really great time to do my detox which I love to do every 6 months. Its such a challenge to commit your body to something like that for a week. It feels great getting rid of the toxins you take in every day and know you are setting the stage for a more healthy and balanced self. Medical detoxes are the way to go! Putting nutrients back into your system while getting rid of all the other garbage is really important in a detox. This time I went with the "Core Benefit Medical Detox" and loved it. This detox was a mixture of medical protein shakes, nutrient rich pills, and a vegetarian diet. I made vegetarian jambalaya, veggie chili, veggie stuffed peppers, lots of chia and berry oatmeal breakfasts and rice cakes with peanut butter and strawbabes! 

      Another goal for the 'new year' was  to participate in a destination race. Where better to race then Malibu in November? On November 9th Erin and I will be meeting up in California for the race weekend. I'm beyond excited for this race, the temperature, the scenary, the terrain, the course map, the vacation! Since I've done a few races before, I'm hoping to really work on improving my time which means a little bit more intensity in my training plan. I hope to couple my running workouts with strength training, cross-fit, tempo runs, and hill repeats. I also decided to calculate my body fat index pre-training and post race just to see how my body reacts to the training I'm doing and be more knowledgeable about racing. Ill keep you posted along the way! 

Better Check it out! 
Malibu International Full & Half Marathon 2012 - HOME  

      So there it is. Some may call it post grad depression and some may call it a really great excuse to vacation in Malibu for the weekend....whatever it is its happening to me. College was the best, but its not the end of the world. My challenge for you in whatever transition you might be in whether it may be going back to school, starting a career, becoming a new mom, or anything else, set a couple goals for yourself for the year that will keep you stimulated in the mundane. Hopefully your goals will make you feel accomplished and alive and the end result will be something exciting to look forward to.

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  1. Love this! Looking forward to maybe some recipe posts from the detox?! xx