Thursday, September 13, 2012

A job, a niece, a wedding, a half, and a whole group back together!

Whoa, what a world wind my life has been on for the last 3 months! Sorry for the long hiatus of blogging! But here I am, back in action and maybe back to some normalcy. But what is normal? Who is normal? I don’t think I fall into that category, even a little bit! Life is constantly surprising me and around each corner is a new adventure, a bride, a new baby or a best friend coming to visit! I am so immensely blessed- I cannot even wrap my mind around it! 

So let me catch you up....

I have a new job. Well, it’s really not that new but new to a lot of you! I am now working at Otter Box in customer service. Not my dream job, but I am thankful to be working with one of my best friends from church and I’m thankful for all the wonderful things the company does for their employees. One of my favorite perks about the job is a free smoothie bar! Complete with every flavor of protein powder, frozen fruit, flax, oatmeal, and my personal favorite- a fully stocked cupboard of Justin’s Peanut Butter! Delish :)

My sister, Emily is having a BABY GIRL!! She is due the first week in November and I could not be more excited. We have spent many hours shopping for baby things, setting up the nursery, planning showers and chatting about all the joy this little girl will bring to our lives. Our favorite activity is watching tv while my hand is pressed tight to her belly waiting for a tiny kick from the little girl. 
Cutest Preggo Girl you will ever see! 

One of our Core got married!!!! It was the most beautiful wedding and day imaginable! And not because Mrs. Lobdell has a wonderful eye for decor and is stunningly gorgeous but because of the beauty of the love shared between her and Mitch. It was such a blessing to stand up there and listen to their sweet words and promises to each other. Congrats Mitch and Gabrielle! Two down, two to go! 

The beautiful bride with her Core. 
Because of our obsession with running and California, Mekenzie and I decided to sign up for the Malibu Half-Marathon! We could not be more excited to run this beautiful race together. It’s on November 11th which is close to both of our birthdays so we are using that as our excuse to take a little vaca with a long run in the middle. Running is my passion and I’m thrilled to be doing this race beside one of my best friends. 

Framtasic is one of Mekenzie talents. She made this! Can't wait to be there! 

Gaby’s wedding provided the Core Four with many opportunities to spend some much needed time together. With all of us being spread out across the country (well, mostly the state- Kenz being in Kansas forces me to say country!) we do not get these moments often. So when they arise we soak up every possible moment. One of my favorite times in the last couple months was the day before Gabrielle’s bridal shower. The four of us went on a run/walk around Wash Park in Denver. It was beautiful! We talked wedding details, life, and hardships of growing up. Makes my heart ache with joy just thinking about these precious friend moments. Followed by our walk was, of course, a trip to Starbucks where Gaby introduced me to my new fav drink- a triple tall americano with one pump of coconut. Life changing good! It wouldn’t be a Core Four morning without coffee :) We brought our drinks home and Lo made us some incredible protein pancakes and eggs for breakfast. It was a simple, yet unforgettable morning with my girls. One that is locked away in my memory forever and I will cling to until our Kenz can come be with us again. I treasure the friendship I have with these ladies so much. It is a uniquely wonderful, out of the ordinary friendship that cannot be matched, duplicated or replaced. 
Making breakfast after our morning walk at Wash Park
Feel the love! 

Life is good. God is so good to me! As I reread these lines and relive these moments I realize how blessed I truly am. Praise the Lord for all of it.

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