Monday, October 29, 2012

Dress the Part

It does not take much to get me to go shopping. I love it. However, my friends would categorize me as a frugal Francsis, meaning I have a hard time actually spending money sometimes. One time when jean shopping, Mekenzie litterally had to push me to the register to get me to purchase a pair of really great (but kinda expensive) Hudson jeans. She kept telling me that I would not regret the investment because they will last forever and actually fit my booty right :) 
She was right. I love those jeans with my whole heart. I bought them over a year ago and they haven’t changed since the day I purchased them. I love her philosopy in shopping. “You get what you pay for,” is her favorite moto when making her newest splurge. This idea is also true when it comes to your race day gear. You must dress the part and invest in the proper attire. I’ve made a few new purchases lately for the Malibu Half Marathon coming up and I’m really excited to share with you my newest finds, plus some essitial must haves for race day. 

Head to Toe

Ok, so maybe it is not something that I purchased but here’s how I’m doing my hair for race day. Braids are best. Keeps all the little bands pulled back and it super cute! 

Upper Half

Sports Bra:

There are so many fun colored and exciting sports bra designs now. They aren’t just the boring white ones any longer. Just make sure you are getting the proper support. If your more well endowed, try the Women’s Armor Bar by Under Armor. This bra offers additional support and allows you to choose your cup size, instead of trying to squeeze into a small of falling out of a medium. 

Maybe you are not so worried about the “girls” bouncing around so a sports bra with thinner material and straps might be suitable for you. Try the Nike Pro Core Compression in Dark Plum. Absolutely love this print!

Shirt/ Tank:

Please do not wear cotton when running a half...or ever, if your working out hard. It keeps the sweat close to your body and does not dry fast. Depending on the temperature of race day, you can wear anything from a loose fitting, breathable tank to a water resistant zip up jacket. 

Warm Weather:

Emma Singlet from Ascis

Cold Weather:

Under Armor UA Escape Zip Up

My Better Half

For those sexy legs you need to have something comfortable and that you can easily run in. Wearing the latest “yoga” pants from Victoria’s Secret with “Love Pink” in sequens on the butt are not going to be a wise choice for a 13 mile run. 

Here are the shorts I’m wearing!

If its cold out try these Lululemon Running Tights. They have made my Christmas wish list!

Fancy Feet

I just bought these gorgous, super loud Mizuno Prescesion 13. I love how light they are. And the fact that the name of the color is lightning makes me feel like I am running so fast. 

There it is fom head to toe, the perfect race day woredrobe. I am excited to sport loud colors and I am confident in knowing that the investment I made in good quality gear will pay off on the day of the race. Not only do I think the outfit is pretty cute, it is more importantly the proper attire for such an event, as a Half Marathon. "You get what you pay for," is quickly becoming my shopping moto to live by! 

If you could win a shopping spree to any sports company, where would it be?


  1. This is great! I feel so informed and excited to dress the part! After I have this baby, it's back to the gym for me...this little post will come in handy!

    1. It will be so much fun to go work out clothes shopping with you, after the baby. Look out world there's a new hot mamma in town!