Friday, November 2, 2012

A Healthy Grind

It was my third day in a row of standing in line with fresh almond butter and Honey Crisp apples at Whole Foods. As I was checking out, the cashier expressed her love for apples basically introducing herself as 'apple connoisseur'. "Excuse me what?" I got so excited. One of my favorite things is learning what people love. I really wanted to take Ms. self-proclaimed apple connoisseur to lunch with me so she could tell me all about her favorite apple adventures, favorite apple recipes, favorite kinds of apples...
One thing I really love is coffee. Okay, I love coffee A LOT and believe it or not, coffee has multiple health benefits that must be recognized. So bear with me as a tell you about possibly one of my favorite subjects ever and convince you drink a cup for youself.
Coffee has its downfalls too. Jitters and anxiousness can come from cup for some. Of course, lots of milk, caramel, whips, and syrups that are lovely additions to the cup can ruin your efforts of healthy drinking and cause weight gain,. It also can become very addictive, but coffee brews brim with things like free-radical fighting antioxidants called polyphenols which protects the body against type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Caffeine is a nervous system stimulant leading to sharper focus and enhanced concentration. It can lift your spirits and is a great pick me up for a bad mood and bouts of depression.If you are anything like me, you set aside time from your daily routine to make coffee. I like to wake up extra early so I can sit and enjoy my cup on the porch or cozied up on the couch with a book. This addition to the day is a means of stress relief for me. Taking time out of the chaos we as a culture constantly find ourselves in to be still, to enjoy, and to rest is a health benefit all on its own. Finally, coffee is a stool softner. Not awkward friends, normal. Elmination is a part keeping the body healthy and a cup of coffee definitley does the trick.
 Finding your perfect cup is important when establishing yourself in the coffee world. You can't just start with Folgers and expect to have a good experience. Coffee quality is key. There are three ingredients that make up coffee quality:
1) Terrior: A French word tht encompasses the places coffee is grown.
2) Variety: The type of coffee that's being grown.
3) Craftsmanship: The human element of producing coffee. Craftsmanship is the ingredient we have the most control over.  
So don't settle for a cheap bean or a bad blend. Experiement! Dark or medium roast? Or are you the blonde type? Hot or cold brews to start your day? French press or pour over? You decide!  
 Here are a few of my favorite coffee choices: The sweet and the insigificant.
1) Pour over. Always my first choice. Please see my post for a "pour over how-to" Pour Over Coffee Method
2) Soy latte
3) Almond Milk latte (found at Whole Foods)
4) Americano with a pump of toffee nut syrup.
5) Holiday Bevs: Soy pumpkin spice latte in the fall and a peppermint mocha in the winter.
SO friends, put on your coziest socks, grab your favorite mug and get busy with a healthy cup of coffee to start your day!

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  1. This post hits close to my heart. I love coffee and love it even more now that I know there are some health benefits from drinking it. It is rare when a day goes by that I don't have my morning cup! Great post, Mekenzie!