Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What's your flavor? Tell me whats your Flavor!

Does anyone ever get the sammy craving? By sammy I mean sandwich by the way. I'm telling you, there is nothing better than a pb&j sammy for lunch on a good snowboarding day. I can also admit to eating a peanut butter and honey sammy EVERY SINGLE DAY (sometimes twice a day) when I was working as a camp counselor at Kanakuk a few summers ago. Once, I got on this turkey melt kick and like my other food addictions, thought about a turkey melt every day when I woke up.

Bad news?... turns out my stomach hates gluten among other things. It yells loudly at it and rejects it every time. It was time I got serious about finding myself a gluten free bread because Lord knows I need a sammy in my life every once in awhile. At least during ski season.

Most gluten free breads are not tasty. Lets be honest, after chomping into a real baguette after you've only tasted gluten-less breads for awhile, you can barley tell the difference between the baguette and chocolate cake. Real bread is delicious and I miss it often. So here is my take on the best breads for the gluten intolerants out there.

1) Aleia's Farmhouse White Bread: Its actual bread size so if you like a nice big sammy like myself, this is your bread. Its hearty and a bit sweet.

2) Whole Foods Light White Sandwich Bread: Sweet and eggy. Great for your "fried egg on toast" breakfast. A staple.

3) Udi's White Sandwich Bread: Pillow-soft and pretty sweet. You can buy it straight off the shelf so its perfect for those PB and J's when you don't want to take the time to thaw your freezer breads.
4) Glutino's Flax Seed Bread: This one is also dairy- free. I have dairy sensitivities too so this one is my number one choice. The flax seeds are my favorite giving it a little crunch. It won't leave you wanting more like most.

5) Whole Foods Gluten- Free Prairie Bread: Rich in protein and fiber. The flavor is sweet and yeasty. This is your go-to for french toast.

6) Everybody Eats Multi-Grain High- Fiber Loaf: Nutty and rich in flavor. Its the healthiest gluten free bread you can buy. If you're having company over for a quick sammy, they won't even know its gluten free. Its the most bread-like-bread out there.

There you have it friends. Figure out what hits the spot for you and your bread and bakery desires and have a healthy and happy belly!

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  1. udi's is colorado based aren't they? gotta support those local businesses :)