Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Crew

Change is good. Sometimes it’s very necessary for our lives. It challenges us, stretches us and shapes us into more unique, dynamic individuals. I am in the midst of lots of change right now. I moved to Denver 2 days ago to pursue my passion of serving women and counseling. I got a job at an incredible non-profit and I am excited about the impact they are making in teen girls lives. Although, it’s sad to leave all my friends at Otter Box,  I am honored that I get to be a part of an organization making a difference in their community and young women's lives. After a few housing things feel through, Lauren and her husband Nick offered for me to stay in their spare bedroom of their amazing new house. It was a huge blessing! I’m here- living in Denver, pursuing my career in counseling and living life along side the cour four. That’s the update; I’m ready to explore, challenge myself and grow in this new city. 

This post, however, is not just about my new adventure in the city, it’s also a tribute to an incredible group of people that changed my life! My crew in Fort Collins. They are a fun-loving, group that can’t be replaced or recreated. They taught me the power of a Rio Margarita and the importance of ordering the pancake of the day at Snooze. I learned that life is better enjoyed with Nina’s laughter and Kelly’s enthusiasm for a girls night out. I was lucky enough to be a part of their lives and it breaks my heart that my Friday happy hours won’t be spent with them every week anymore. It was a year of fast friendships and each of them should know how deeply the impacted my life!


We became instant best friends when we sat next to each other at our first day of Otter Box training class. This beautiful blond, friendly girl plopped down next to me and the rest was history. She’s always up for a good time and we joke that “we ran the town” but really, I think we might have! My favorite memory with Kelly is making a big Italian dinner at my house, polishing off a bottle of wine and consuming a box of Oreos all while talking over every detail of our love lives. She reminds me not take life too seriously and she was one of my biggest advocates for pursuing what I am passionate about. 


Her contagious laugh and infectious personality is like no one else I know. She is honest, smart and beautiful. My favorite thing about Nina is that she is internal with our friendship. She texts me daily, invites me to every work out class she’s attending and makes sure I know about our happy hour plans. She will be the first to ask about things going on in my life and has encouragement to follow. Whenever I am around Nina, she makes me feel loved and important. If I’m ever craving a Rio Margarita or Mexican food, Nina’s my girl.


This blond beauty is my volleyball sidekick! We played 2 season together and I had a blast getting back into the sport I love so much alongside one of my best friends. I love Julie because she was a constant support and encouragement to me at work. I would chat her when I was having a bad day and she would always have the right things to say. One of my favorite times with Julie was when we did the Rave Run in Denver together. It was cold and crowed and we loved every minute of it! I can’t wait to help this girl plan the wedding of her dreams!


He was one of my closest friends at Otter Box and we quickly learned that we had a lot in common, especially with movie choices. When I was having a bad day, Danny came over with every James Bond, action flick he had and we ate pop corn and sat in suspense of the movie and forgot about the disappointment of the day. I think that’s my favorite quality about Danny, he knows how to make your day! Weather it’s a text, a funny joke or a nice compliment- he will be the first to try to make people smile. 


This guy is always surprising me with his sense of humor, wise advice and countless stories about the experiences of his life. He has a lot of knowledge and I am constantly trying to ask questions about life because I value his opinion so much. My favorite memory of Aria is when he showed up to our Cinco de Mayo party at the Rio carrying 15 sombreros for all of us to wear! It was hilarious and unexpected. We loved them so much that we didn’t take them off the entire night!


My roommate and best friend. If you are lucky enough to know her, you will quickly find out that she is a comedian in disguise. I am constantly laughing when I’m with her and if you ever want to do something random- ask Karlie, she is spontaneous and fun-loving. When she’s not telling jokes, she is an incredible listener. I think I retold the same stupid boy stories a million times and each time she listened patiently, waiting for my girl tears to stop flowing and offering her sound advice. Her bible knowledge is extensive and I love picking her brain about theology. She is my longest friend I have and I know, despite the distance, our friendship will continue to grow and will be one that lasts a lifetime. 

My life is changing as I type these words. The scenery around me is unfamiliar and the faces aren’t the ones I see at the Whole Foods in Fort Collins. Although, life is constantly in motion, I love to pause to reflect on the past year and the people that changed my life. I love that crew so much and they have been the biggest blessing to me. I am forever thankful for their friendships. 


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  1. Erin! This blog means the world to me. I love you so much!