Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Work Out Wish List

I go through phases where I only buy certain items while out shopping. I go through stages of only tank tops, lots of prints, cooking gadgets, jewelry, and as always, I'm always in the mood to buy new running shoes. Right now I'm on a kick to buy new work out clothes, accessories and gear. It makes me more motivated to exercise when I'm wearing a new outfit and my hair  is wrapped in the cutest new headband. My budget is tight but here’s what’s on my wish list for fitness gear!

LuLu for Life

It’s supportive and adorable- what more could you ask for. Plus, no wish list is complete without some LuLu!


Heart Rate Monitor

This item is inspired by our girl Lauren. She got one for her birthday and hasn’t done a work out since without it. I get envious of her when we go on runs together because she can tell how far she's ran, the amount of calories burned and can make sure to keep her heart rate in her target zone. I NEED this. 

This is the one Lauren has, but hers is pink. 


Tank Top Trends

It’s all about the tank tops, especially in the summer! I like this simple and affordable Nike tank. The bold, bright lettering is fun and it’s loose fit is my favorite! They have other colors too!


Head in the Game

I love head bands. If they get too thick though, they make me super hot almost like I’m wearing a winter beanie while running 6 miles in the summer. Not a fun feeling. This one is stylish, small and unique. And for only $12 it can fit into anyone’s budget. 


Bag it up

I thought I was done with LuLu Lemon things on my wish list, but this gym bag is to die for. It’s huge, can hold up to 50 pounds and heck, it’s bright and beautiful! As for LuLu prices, it’s not too shabby either. 


I love these new fitness items. My budget my not call for all of them but a girl can dream, right! 


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