Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Top 5 Current Joys

1) "Love and Affection"- Matt White I love love love love this song. I had it on repeat the entire morning yesterday. I listened to it upwards of 50 times i'm sure and I'm still not sick of it. "love and affection"

2) Orange Theory Fitness with my best. Er and I decided to try a week trial at Orange Theory and I'm officially hooked. Its like a feminine cross-fit. Sorry cross fit people. The workout incorporates treadmill interval training, rowing, and weight training in a series of three blocks. Its the perfect combo of all that I love in a workout, small "group" fitness feel and an intense one hour workout.

3) Yesterday after dinner, Lee and I wanted to bike ride over to our favorite frozen yogurt spot. We checked the weather and headed out thinking we were free of rain until 11:00. We enjoyed a delicious cup of yogurt on the outdoor patio of Nova. After yogurt, we saddled up just as a giant thunderstorm decided to accompany us home. We stopped off under a parking garage to see if it would let up, but after 15 minutes of waiting we realized we were in a giant monsoon and had no choice. We blasted home in water so deep I could barley see my feet. It was just about as romantic as they say dancing in the rain is. It was so fun. Ill risk a bike ride to yogurt in the rain with Lee any day.

4) Brady, the little boy I'm nannying is my co- adventurer. The only way to stay sane watching a 2 year old is to get out and explore. If I had to play with blocks and Thomas trains for 9.5 hours a day I would go insane. We already have quite the routine... Monday: Children's Museum, Tuesday: Little Gym, Wednesday: Story time, Friday: Zoo so I try to adventure with Brady on Thursday's and do something fun and different outside of our weekly routine. The really wonderful thing about Brady is that when you get excited about something, he gets excited about it too.  Last week, I took Brady to an indoor water park. You can see the entire pool area when you walk in the front doors. The second Brady saw what we were going to be doing that morning he squealed with excitement and blasted ahead of me as fast as his little two year old legs could carry him. I love when he can't contain his joy. Those are some of the moments I really love my job.

5) Lately, if I have a terrible sweet tooth I blend up one frozen banana with some dark chocolate almond milk. Just two ingredients and it makes a cold little milk shake post dinner treat.

Its the little things.... have a great week seeking joys along the way!

- Mekenzie


  1. Love this, Mekenzie :) A few of my current joys:
    1) "Only Love" by Ben Howard. Love love love. Listen to it :)
    2) The beauty of running in Mammoth.
    3) Mark 11:22-25...praying for the small and big things.
    4) Reading yours :)
    5) Looking up the verses from Jesus Calling along with my daily devotional.

    Excited for you and Lee! And, it was so nice to see you at Danielle and Ryan's wedding!

  2. I love your current joys Lauren! Thanks for sharing. So good to see you at Danielle and Ryan's wedding. Praying for a smoke free awesome run week for you!!!