Saturday, August 31, 2013

Exciting News!

A new season is right before us. Tomorrow is September 1st already. Can you even believe it? Another summer has come and gone and fall is rapidly approaching. New seasons also bring newness in other areas of life, careers, passions and friendships. With the change in the temperature comes exciting changes at Serendipitous Girls. Brace yourself- we have something very exciting to announce....

We are adding our dearest, sweetest friend Holly to the blog! She is a faithful, smart, beautiful, talented, healthy eating athlete and we could not imagine going one more day or one more post without having her on board. The Serendipitous Girls have just grown by one! This collegiate soccer playing, blondie is invaluable and we know that she is going to be an extraordinary addition to the blog. We are so excited to have her share her wisdom, recipes, workouts and life with everyone. Check out Serendipitous Girls blog tomorrow for Holly’s first post. It’s going to be a great one so you won’t want to miss it! She will also have her bio in the “About Us” section for you to get to know her better. Thanks for staying with us during our journey together as friends. We definitely are “One Happy Accident!”

Serendipitous Girls


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