Friday, August 16, 2013

Philippians Friday's and an americano please

This morning I found myself thankful... 

Sometimes thankfulness is a choice, and other times I feel it in my soul. I'm reading a lot about thankfulness these days. I'm learning how to choose it by verbalizing the things i"m thankful for in prayer and by writing down things I recognize I should be thankful for as a daily discipline,  but its the most wonderful thing when you choose it and you feel it all together. 

Just over a month ago, the girls and I decided to study through the book of Philippians together. We did it as a way to connect during the week and make sure to see one another amidst the craziness of our schedules, we did it because we were so excited to all be in the same city for the first time since college, but mostly we did it for the purpose of setting aside time to talk about things that really really matter. We did it to challenge one another to growth in the Lord. We did it so we could sit around the table and pray for one another. 

"Philippians Friday" starts at 6:00 a.m. We just finished the book, but I'm still going to call it "Philippians Fridays" I think. The original plan was to meet at a new coffee spot each week, but we happened upon the best americanos in the most quaint and adorable coffee shop in the heart of one of my favorite Denver neighborhoods and it stuck. The tables are often off balance and the chairs and seating change so we pick a new spot inside or outside every time. We sit outside on the patio and watch runners go by as we sip our hot coffees from giant mugs on warmer mornings and we watch commuters and moms and dog walkers flow in and out for their morning cups. We unload our bibles and journals and breakfasts of think thin bars and yogurts and overnight oats and bananas and we  call it fellowship. It's good. So good! 

I love being a part of this fellowship. I love coming with questions to discuss. I love the authenticity and vulnerability of this fellowship. I love the different histories and backgrounds and memories that come together around this table. I love the wounds and the joys that each of us bring and the stories of the ways we've seen God move and work in those wounds and joys. I learn a lot from these women. I feel comfortable and uncomfortable all at once. Comfortable for who I am and uncomfortable as they push me to who they see God making me to be. 

Sometimes its hard to choose to be thankful and sometimes when you're sitting and staring into the 4 faces of beautiful people that love you no matter what you're going through and where you are, thankfulness smacks you in the face and knocks you to your knees to thank God for loving and caring for you so well. 

Today I'm thankful. 

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