Monday, September 2, 2013

A Little Into and a Big Thanks

Thanks Erin for your kind words! I feel very blessed to be a part of this godly group of girls! I'm excited to share insight and my interests. I'll start with a little intro:

I'm a lover of my heavenly Father and have made it a daily task to trust him with every part of my being. It never ever seems to be easy for me but God shows me how to do so through my favorite things. These "favorite things" make me who I am today. So, here they are (all alliterated of course): My Faith, family, friends, food, and fitness! God shows up constantly in each of these areas and has given me a great passion for these things. My faith comes above all things, or at least that is what I strive for. I have two amazing older sisters who are both married. My oldest, Shannon, has three talented kids that I love to watch perform and a husband who guards me like his own sister. Lauren, my middle sister, has a goober of a husband that I consider a best friend. My sisters are my biggest influences, without argument I have the best older sisters out there. My friends are the best of the best! Sounds cliché, but they know when I need a shoulder to cry on and a good belly laugh. They give me thick skin and a soft heart. We conjure up meals that I end up making over and over for weeks. Healthy nut bars and not so healthy cookies are my weakness. I played soccer in college and I am filled when I get to play. Since I’m old and graduated playing washed up women’s soccer and running races new found joys. I love trying new things, traveling to new places, and meeting new people. I’m a Colorado native, concert seeking, adventure hiking, 4 Seasons lover, Bronco fanatic, nail polish loving girl who is excited to share my blessings!

Again, I am excited to share my joys and excitement, my interests and opinions! A big thanks to Gaby, Mekenzie, Lauren, and Erin for asking me to be a part of this blog! For giving me such a blessing of friendship! And for walking in life with me and sharing your passions!

                                                               My Beautiful Family
                                                                My Soccer Family
I love to race
Running my little heart out

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