Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Remember the "Blog Every Day In May" Challenge? We can't stay away! The Serendipitous Girls are taking on a new challenge. "Blogtember"...it's happening. Blogtember is a great opportunity for  creative writing and speaking to topics we wouldn't normally write about with pre-determined questions and topics from our friend over at "Story Of My Life." I hope you'll hang out with us as we share our lives with you, the beautiful and meaningful and sometimes not so beautiful and meaningful experiences, insights, moments. 

Day 1: Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and or the factors that make up who you are. 

I was born a Kansas City mid west girl. My dad was in ministry and my mom was a teacher. My older brother Josiah and I were each others best friends in those early years. We had our own rooms growing up, but took turns every night pulling out the trundle bed or unrolling the sleeping bags for slumber parties just to be together. We biked to the library, bladed around the block, and hunted for locust shells in the back yard. Mom would feed us french toast sticks on a weekly basis and "daddy donut day" was Saturdays. Dad got the cake donut with the coconut flakes and I got plain glazed. We split a carton of milk and the donut shop ladies let us watch them make the donuts in the back. My parents were always both invested and devoted. My mom was the mom who hung upside down on the monkey bars with us, threw us huge birthday parties, and sang us awake every morning. My dad always gave us special one-on-one dates, stopped working right when he got home for the night so he could play with us, and made sure we knew his love for us every single day. My childhood was simple, but filled with many memories and lots of love.

My parents introduced me to Jesus from the start. They raised me as best as they could to be a woman of God and a woman of great character. They made sure to teach me leadership and self-sufficiency and raised me with a strong moral compass and a competitive spirit. They pushed for me to be passionate and not shy away from deep and meaningful conversations.  I appreciate all of these values.

My family moved to Colorado Springs and SURPRISE, mom was pregnant with Malachi, my 12 year old brother shortly after the move. I was the baby for many years, but I couldn't imagine life without the joy of my littlest brother. My parents referred to us as built in babysitters, but I loved being second mom to this little gem. Malachi just started middle school and I can't believe how rich and talented his life is. He is a true friend, an awesome musician, and an incredible athlete. He loves his style and loves to shop! His days are filled with leading worship, going to practice, and going to school.  He is so grown up for his age and I just love him! Colorado Springs was where I spent my high school years, dad was in Real Estate and mom never really left teaching, but worked very part time and was home with us kids. I played soccer, attended youth group, and spent lots of time trying to figure out who I was. Friendships were trial and error and I learned many challenging life lessons during that crazy high school season. 

College landed me at Colorado State in Fort Collins. I remember being in school and people telling me those 4 years of college were their "glory days". Its so stinking true though, I loved those years. I made my closest friends and finally felt somewhat settled in who I was and what I was all about. I grew to love running and began signing up for half marathons in college. Running opened my eyes to nutrition and overall wellness which opened my eyes to cooking. These things are all still very much a part of my life and things that bring so much joy. They are therapy and life to my soul along with coffee, time with girlfriends, patio seating and gigantic breakfasts. Life during the college years were consumed with training for races, exploring new recipes, about 1000 coats of nail polish, Bachelor Mondays with no less than 8 girls at all times stacked in our living room, FCA Friday's, room mate road trips, spring break trips, a million peanut butter tubs eaten by spoon alone, smoothies and chicken, lots of oatmeal, bike rides every where and living life as spontaneously and adventurously as we could handle.

It hasn't been long since the "glory days," but I'd say this is the sweetest season yet! The transition from college to working world has been eye opening and challenging, but has given me such a great opportunity for growth and dependency on God. I met my closest companion 3 years ago, but began dating and falling in love with Lee Thompson just 10 months ago. He is above and beyond any blessing I have ever received and he pushes me and challenges me and serves me and knows be better than any one else on the planet. Getting to do life alongside a person like Lee for the rest of my life is my greatest joy and most anticipated excitement. 

I really do believe the people who walk along side of you in life play a major part in helping you discover who you are. I only hope and pray that my life and my story give arms and legs and voice and breath to the gospel every day. I know where I have come from and the stories of those who have raised me and befriended me and loved me and mentored me have been some of the most significant signs of an active and moving God. I'm beyond thankful! 

- Mekenzie 

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