Friday, September 27, 2013

Fun Facts Friday

Here are 20 random and ridiculous facts about myself. Some things you should know if we are going to be BFFs:
1. I can make some of the most ridiculous funny/ugly faces when posing for pictures. My friends and family can attest to this.

2. I loving re-arranging furniture in rooms, I like changing things up!
3. I love to cook, but I don’t like to bake. If I can’t eat all of it in one sitting, it’s not worth my time
4. I am constantly leaving cabinets and drawers open after I use them. My husbands pet peeve. Oops.
5. I don’t like to clean, but sometimes I just get in the mood and can go for hours.
6. I don’t like tomatoes or blueberries. But I so badly wish I did!
7. I didn’t use to like breakfast, but now it is becoming one of my favorite meals. I get excited about what I am going to eat the night before! This weeks current rotation: dippy eggs, turkey bacon and raspberries. Mmmm.

8. I eat every 3 or 4 hours. Literally. I pack a mid morning-snack, lunch, and afternoon snack for work.
9. I am mostly an introvert. If I don’t get at least one night at home by myself or with the Hubs with no plans, it stresses me out.
10. I want to be a stay-at-home mama one day.
11. I love watching the Real Housewives. All of them. Don’t judge.
12. I hate confrontation. More than anything. I would rather suppress feelings than bring them up. Something I am trying to get better at it!
13. I would much rather have a night in than go out. A night in a cozy house with friends and family is much better than a loud bar or restaurant in my eyes!
14. I am married to my perfect other half. He is good at the things I am not, and vice versa. He makes me a better person
15. We keep a running list of baby names we love and may use someday. We have also decided that we will not be sharing our children’s names with the world until they are born. I value others opinions too much and fear someone might make me second guess  a name I love.
16. We love planning vacations, and start planning the next year’s anniversary trip immediately after we get back from the previous one.

17. A lot of times I will sing song lyrics out loud in a really weird voice, and I won’t even notice until Nick calls me out on it. He thinks its hysterical.
18. We like to “white boy dance” in the kitchen while making dinner. Think: the cheesiest most awkward dance moves ever.
19. I won my school spelling bee every year in elementary school, and even went to State in 8th grade. Nerd alert.
20. I am learning to love the season I am in right now, without looking too far ahead to the next. It has always been a struggle of mine, but something I am working on!

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