Thursday, September 5, 2013

Three months off...

Three months off from life, responsibilities, work, obligations. It’s almost hard to wrap my mind around what that would be like. Lately, my life runs 90 miles a minute. Working 2 jobs, training for my half marathon, exploring Denver, meeting with friends, finding career opportunities, going to church... The list is a bit never ending. I love being busy- it’s my thing and I enjoy feeling like I have a lot going on- however, the thought of escaping it all is a fantasy that I will gladly entertain  (at least for this post!)

So here it is- my itinerary for my 3 months off from my normal life! It includes lots of traveling, a little hard work, and an immense amount of time spent with the people I love. 

Week 1-4- My European Vacation
-Greece has been calling my name for years now. The beaches look out of this world and I’m dying to dig my toes into their white sand. I love the flavors of Greek food and the bright colors that paint the cities. Life seems simple there. Peaceful and quiet. 

From Greece, I would travel to Italy. I want to experience true Italian food and walk the streets lined trinkets to buy and coffee shops to explore. I want to see with my own eyes the Colosseum and the paintings by DiVinci. I want to make a wish in the Trevi Fountain and float down the river in a Gondola in Venice. 

It wouldn’t be a European Vacation with a stop in Paris. I’ve been dying to explore this city and it would fill my heart to stand at the top of the Eiffel tower, peering down at the city streets. I want to sit outside of a French bakery for hours, sipping their dark roast coffee and eating every pastry in the shop.

Week 5
Go home and recover :)

Weeks 6-8 Haiti Orphan Care
-Two summers ago I made a trip to Haiti that changed my life. Although cliche, I know I will never look at poverty or orphans the same again. Ever since that trip I have been dying to go back. Spending two weeks with those precious children again would fill my soul. I want to cook with the house mamas and play soccer with the boys. I want to cuddle sleeping babies and learn to double dutch with the girls. Those sweet faces had my heart from the moment my feet walked through the orphanage gates. 

Weeks 9-12 Family time
My family is a bit spread out across the state and the country. For the last month off from life I would spend it traveling to see family. I would make my rounds in Colorado; first, stopping at my parents house in Southern Colorado where I grew up and then making my way up to the mountains to see my nephews, brother and sister-in-law. Finally, I would finish my Colorado trip by spending time with Halle babe and my sister in Fort Collins. 
Next stop- Asheville,North Carolina where my oldest sister, brother-in-law and sweet niece Lucy would be waiting for me. Hopefully by the time my trip happens there would also be a precious baby boy needing some Auntie lovin’. This would be my longest stop because I only get to see them once a year so I would definitely like to make the most of my time spent there. While in NC we would do lots of walks through the lush, green parks and make a breakfast stop at my favorite spot in the heart of the city.
I would finish my trip with a little California vacation to see my cousins and their sweet kiddos. The beach is my home away from home and as a kid, I went to California every summer. It would be incredible to end the trip with a little R and R and lots of quality family time. I know this trip would consist of laying by my aunt and uncle’s pool, incredible Indian food and a trip to Huntington Beach. My California cousins are top notch, super fun, very intelligent people and I can’t imagine a better way to end my three month vacation than in their company. 

I think the very last night of my three month vacation would be spent with my girls on the roof top of Linger in the Lower Highlands of Denver. They would flip through pictures and I would relive every moment of the things I experienced and the memories I made. 

It’s fun to let my mind wonder about the “what if’s” of life...What if I could do whatever I want for three months? Life would be good. But heck, life is good here in this moment too. I am excited for the day that all these adventures get checked off my bucket list- but until then, I’ll live life abundantly here in a city I love, around people I adore. 


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