Friday, September 6, 2013

Home Alone like Kevin

I think as kids we all have a fear of being home alone but we all want that privilege from our parents. In middle school I always thought it was the coolest to be at home by myself during the day.  However, when nighttime rolled around I was a coward. I envision events like the movie Home Alone, and having to booby trap the bad guys.
The face I made when I got to stay home alone
I’ve never had to fend off bad guys but I do remember being scared I would have to. And here the story goes about a time I was afraid. I went to a basketball game with a friend and later her mom and brothers dropped me off at home. I remember that night being pretty windy which meant my house was full of creaky noises.

My parents weren’t home so I entered through the garage, locked the doors, went to our basement and flipped on the TV. Our house didn’t have air conditioning so the windows were always open. As I was watching TV I heard a loud crash of plates. Naturally my heart stopped beating for 10 seconds. Like any person would, I went upstairs to see what had happened (knowing, like Kevin, I could take on the bad guys). Above our kitchen sink was an open window and I realized the wind had just knocked down some of the dishes.
Stunned and my heart stopped
As I was cleaning up the mess I heard pounding on my front door and my name being yelled! I panicked. I dropped to the floor and starting crawling to my living room to grab the phone. The banging and name yelling switched to my garage, which of course made it sound even louder.
I grabbed the phone and like a movie it started ringing. I didn’t recognize the number. At this point I was on the verge of tears. The phone rang again and this time it was my friend I was just with. I answered in a panic telling her what was happening and that I was about to die!
My face before I die
She laughed at me and told me it was her brothers. They didn’t wait long enough to see if I made it inside okay and came back to check. Nearly scaring me to death. Needless to say, by no means was I ready to fight off bad guys. Crawling and crying wasn’t going to get me far. Being home alone wasn’t as cool as Kevin made it out to be.


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