Thursday, September 26, 2013

Coffee and Conversations

My blog challenge today was to find a coffee shop and write about what makes me happy and what makes me sad. Part of the challenge was actually picking a coffee shop in Denver. There are just so many and because I can be indecisive sometimes- it was difficult for me to choose just one. However, with the girls’ help and recommendations I ended up at Two Rivers- Craft Coffee Company! It fit my mood perfectly. The coffee might be the best that I’ve ever tasted, probably because the owner roasts his own beans. He was the ultimate coffee courser and it was fun to pick his brain about the different roasts. This atmosphere was the perfect environment to write about these topics. 

Two Rivers 

So, what makes me sad? And Happy?

It makes me sad when I feel like I have to live my life through a mold. When I feel the pressure of our culture pushing me through a door I wasn’t meant to walk through. It’s like when we were kids and we would squeeze a round ball of play-dough through the square mold with all our force just get a small cube out of it! I feel the pressure of my age and the fact that everyone around me is getting married, I am miles away from having kids and I’m starting over in my career. At 25, the world is telling me to have my S*%$ together, check things off my to-do list, and to get married already! I don’t want to feel tied down to the boundaries around age and of our culture to achieve more and be better. I want to just be me. Free spirited, full of life, pursuing my passions while loving the Lord and people along the way. I’m vowing to move forward with my dreams, however big or small. I will not be bound the age, career or marriage mold that our culture has created.

A good cup of coffee makes me happy. A drink shared at happy hour makes me happy. Sitting on the couch with my roommate makes me happy. Talking on the phone to my mom makes me happy. What is central to all these things though is good conversations- deep and meaningful talks. Lots of laughter and if chatting with my mom maybe some tears too (she’s the one I cry to!) I crave community and I could talk 90 miles a minute if you would let me. I love the long talks with my girls over a strong brew of coffee early in the morning. It’s when I can really connect with them and share my heart. Coming home from a long night shift at work and talking to Nina on the couch, makes me happy. She cares so much about how I’m doing and we walk each other through every detail of the day. I want to have conversations that make me grow and challenge me. I am happiest when I’m laughing with Lauren on the roof top sipping delicious cocktails. My heart is pieced back together after an uplifting conversation with my sister; she is always is full of wisdom and encouragement. I am filled with joy when I get to talk to my girls before the sun rises on Monday mornings for bible study. So, what makes me happy…relationships with friends and family- deep, meaningful, life-giving, strength building, encouraging conversations. 

Thanks for letting me share! Happy Thursday, friends.


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