Monday, September 30, 2013

Weird is the Word

This is the end of the September blog challenge. Time sure does fly because tomorrow is the start of October! Fall in Colorado is always so weird to me, especially this year. We have been blessed with warm weather so far! I'm still able to run outside with a t-shirt and shorts on. However, I know that within the span of a day that won't be happening. It's just a matter of when the weather decides to make that change. September is weird to me because, like myself, it can never decide. I mean it can't decide whether it wants to hold on to summer or allow it to be crisp fall. Pumpkin Spice comes around and apparently that marks the end of summer. Silly little drink can change so much. I love the drink don't get me wrong it's just so weird. In honor of, in my opinion, weird September, I'm going share some weird/interesting facts. I asked my bestie Court to help me out and it was almost embarrassing how many weird facts she threw my way. Before you start to judge I'll give you my reasons for them okay!

1. I drink coffee, or any hot drink, through a straw. I fear my teeth will turn colors.

2. I'm deathly afraid of ET. You can argue that he's a nice little alien, but he's not. He's creepy. I was forced to watch the movie when I was younger and obviously haven't recovered.

3. I have monkey feet. I can do things with my feet that I can with my hands, like pick things up. Pinching my brother-in-law is probably my favorite.

4. I HATE when people touch their eye brows. I can't stand when eyebrows are rubbed the wrong way. It literally gives me the chills. I was pinned down by three seniors in high school who brushed mine the wrong way. Too much adrenaline allowed me to throw all three of them off me.

5. I own more t-shirts than I know what to do with, they're all too big, and I only wear a fraction of them. Whether I get a t-shirt for a race, soccer tournament, or a random free one, 99% of the time I grab one that's too big.

6. I can carry on clear conversations in my sleep. It's a gift really. When I'm sleeping I've been known to sing Lil Romeo or quote the Jersey Shore.

7. If I could live in any era it would be the 80's or the 20's. The outfits...need I say more?

Courtney has a list too
To spare me from more embarrassment I'll leave it at that. Thanks for reading all of our September posts. We hope you continue to follow us as we explore new recipes, discover new workouts, find the trends, and live life together.


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