Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Love Letter...

There you are... sitting there so unaware of the way you've changed my life,
Not so long ago did you come into this world and give us all a big surprise!

Your ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes, and that adorable squished nose,
You bounce around with each bitty step like a dainty unsteady rose.

The way you reach for me when I arrive.. and how you cry when I have to say goodbye.

Your kisses are so tender and your bitting is so tough,
But I love everything about you and you will always be enough.

To watch you grow into a little girl makes my heart leap and cry,
When I think about the day you were born, I sit. Stop. And sigh.

I love you Eliora, as if you were my own sweet angel,
And this love letter I write today is for you.


 <3 Gabrielle

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