Tuesday, September 17, 2013


There are many moments in time I would love to relive, like being in Hawaii and eating pineapple ice cream for the first time, or going to Disneyland/world. There are also moments that I would hate to relive, like tearing my ACL, losing in soccer, or the loss of grandma. I've been blessed with a beautiful life and wonderful memories and I have no problem reminiscing on some of these glorified moments. So, I'm going to bring you back to a BIG day in the life of my 5 year old self.

The first day of kindergarten. Sounds silly, but it is the day I met my best friend. We sat across from each other on that first day and the rest is history. Her name was Brittany Barton (now Mrs. Johnson).

All sorts of emotions were running through my little body. I was nervous as all get out! Luckily I had a friend from pre-school who was in my class so I took comfort in him being there, but I didn't get to sit by him. We had assigned seating and luck (or God) would have us sitting directly across from each other. Britt was wearing this nice blue, little dress and I was wearing my favorite white cotton, rose patterned dress. I rocked the mushroom cut so I walked into kindergarten with confidence. Our teacher made us introduce ourselves to those around us. We grinned at each other with our toothless smiles and it was then I found my best friend.

I found out later that a 5th grader, friends with my older sister, told Brittany to keep an eye out for me, and I'm glad she did. I was definitely excited to have this new friend. We played hard together, got in trouble together, and best of all lived life together. Looking back now, I would never anticipate having her as a friend for so long. Recently my best friend married the man we've been praying for. I was fortunate enough to stand by her side as her maid of honor, 18 years later, and watch her enter into a God given marriage. I'm so thankful for that first day of kindergarten. God knew what he was doing and what I needed for the rest of my life even at the age of 5.

Kindergarten picture
18 years later




  1. Tears Holly! Great Tribute! XOXO! Shan

  2. Ooooh Holly Dolly!! that is a wonderful tribute :)

  3. from MOM - forgot to put that