Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Little Advice

Advice is a funny thing. Sometimes we crave it but can’t seem to find it anywhere, and sometimes it is unsolicited but exactly what we need to hear. When I think about where I am in this season and what advice I cling to, it is simple but powerful. Especially for women. You’ve probably seen this all over Pinterest but when I saw this image it blew me away. 

It felt like I was hit with a ton of bricks. This is precisely what I had been doing for so long without even realizing. 

These days we are bombarded with social media, readily available to be viewed from all devices at any hour of the day. We get glimpses into each other’s live through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs and so much more. When these new sites and apps first came out I found myself suddenly feeling highly inadequate in all areas of life. It seemed like most other people were happier more often than me. They all had perfect jobs and perfect relationships. They had more fun on weekends and went to more restaurants. 
Social media makes it so easy to display the “good” parts of our life without sharing any of the “not-so-good”, and gives off a false sense of perfection. We can put filters on our pictures, write inspiring quotes on our statuses, and write blog posts to make our lives look perfect from an outsider’s perspective. 
It is so easy to get wrapped up in other people’s lives and families and outfits and vacations and what they had for dinner for crying out loud. And all of this is good and fine, as long as we aren’t letting it steal our joy. I was completely happy with my life before, but sometimes it’s hard to not be jealous or long for something different when we see the way another person lives.

Another favorite quote of mine: “Don’t compare someone else’s highlight reel to your behind-the-scenes.” ENJOY Instagram, ENJOY  Facebook, ENJOY reading blogs, but don’t let it become a place to compare your life to the highlights of someone else’s. And especially don’t let it become a place where YOU try to make others think your life is perfect.  We all have struggles, we all go through difficult seasons, they just aren’t displayed to everyone. Let’s be real, people!

So today I am choosing happiness. I am choosing to enjoy Facebook and Instagram, but I am also choosing to love my life and where I am in this season. Some may have it easier
and some may have it harder, but I wouldn’t trade my life for anything.
Love the life you live!


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