Thursday, September 12, 2013

Connect through social media

Social media is a network of connecting people. I want individuals to reach our blog, of course, but more than that I want people to feel connected to others personally. Social media is a connection of people looking to find another person who is in the same season of life. One girl looking for a recipe for a dinner party stumbles upon Mekenzie’s famous Thai turkey burgers and immediately feels like she has found her perfect meal. The girl who is struggling with a work out regimen seeking transformation finds encouragement through Lauren's latest work out routine. I love that social media provides an avenue for us to connect with real people experiencing real life situations from miles away. It connects my roommate down the hall to my family in California. It allowed all of girls to stay connected when one of us was in Kansas, one stayed in Fort Collins, another moved home to Colorado Springs and the last moved her newlywed self to Denver. The blog was a key player in keeping our friendships strong and our lives intertwined. 

This was the night we created the Serendipitous Girls Blog,  January 2012
Throw back to celebrating Mekenzie's Graduation, May 2012.

Social Media has connected friends to family, strangers to loved ones- and it has connected me to the journey of my life. As I was writing this post I decided to flip through some of my first articles and I couldn’t stop reading about the wild life I’m living. Serendipitous Girls blog has been a journal of my life over the last 2 years. It’s kept record of my highest highs and lowest lows. I loved reading back on times that I was on cloud 9 after the birth of my sweet niece; my heart could hardly take in how blessed I was feeling at that time. On the flip side, I enjoyed reading back on the rocky roads I’ve been down, the trials I experienced and the amount of growth I have experienced because of the them. I’m not the same person that I was back in January of 2012 when I wrote my very first blog post. I am thankful for the connection the blog created for me so that I reflect on where I have been and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. Looking introspectively into where I’ve been and where I am going is encouraging and enlightening for me.

Connect. Connect with people you love through social media and reconnect with the amazing life you've lived. It’s fun, encouraging and if used properly- social media can change who you are.

Denver Girls. 

Sweet Halle babe! She changed my life. 
My Right hand woman!

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