Tuesday, March 6, 2012

8 New Superfoods

I recently read an article in Women's Health Magazine about 8 new superfoods that women (and men) should try to incorporate into their diet. So what is a superfood exactly? Besides a health buzz-word that many people all too often throw around, a superfood refers to a food that is "low in calories but high in nutrients" according to Livestrong.com. So basically, its an uber-healthy item with little to no negative characterstics! Here are some great superfoods to try:


A yogurt-like substance, but has more protein and less sugar than regular yogurt. Some benefits include it being a natural immune system enhancer and helps protect against colon cancer.

How to use it:
In smoothies or salad dressings in place of yogurt.
Green Goddess Kefir Dressing/Dip


Pronounced hi-ca-ma, this root vegetable is rich in fiber which helps eliminate belly fat by acting as a prebiotic to promote helpful bacteria. Also an excellent source in vitmain C which fights wrinkles and boosts collagen.

How to use it:
Can be eaten cooked or raw. Use in slaws, salads, tacos, or eat plain!

Chia Seeds

The CoreFour girls' recent addiction. See Mekenzie's post here for additional information about the healthy seeds.They have as much fiber as a bowl of oatmeal, and  plenty of calcium, omega-3s, and iron (a nutrient many women dont get enough of). I have been aiming for 1 tablespoon a day in my oatmeal or smoothies.

How to use it:
On cereal, salads, in smoothies, oatmeal, or to thicken pudding and stir-fries.


A more common food item, these healthy greens contain the anticancer agent sulforaphane.

How to use it:
On sandwiches, wraps, pizza, tacos, omelets, etc.

Black Garlic

This type of garlic is new to me, but is said to have a "sweet clove and caramel" flavor, and has nearly double the antioxidants as that of a raw bulb of garlic. It helps to lower cholesterol and can help decrease your risk of cancer.

How to use it:
In fondue, sauces, and even cookies, cakes, and brownies!

It may sound scary to eat an ocean plant, but kelp is loaded with viatmin K, calcium, and other essential nutrients.

How to use it:
The easiest way is to buy it in powdered form, and mix into meatballs, meatloaf, or soups. Also can be used in sheets as wraps.

Nutritional Yeast

These cheese-like flakes have a whopping nine grams of protein in a single serving, and provide your daily dose of B vitamins to decrease risk for chronic diseases, decrease stress, and boost energy.

How to use it:
Sprinkle on potatoes, popcorn, pasta or eggs.


This supergrain is high in niacin (for healthy hair and skin) and helps keep cholesterol levels healthy.

How to use it:
In place of oatmeal, pasta or rice.

Your challenge: Try to incorporate at least one of these superfoods into your meals this week! Your body will thank you.

Leave a comment if you try a new recipe!

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  1. For those of you out there like me who think this sounds like "hippy food" (sorry Lauren), we may only be half right. Lauren has been making some of these foods for dinner and most are actually pretty good and when used as a replacement you can't really tell a difference. So if you're on the border about experimenting, I would encourage you to try a few because you might be surprised what you find. I know I was.