Thursday, March 22, 2012

California and Coconuts

In honor of my trip {last weekend} to the City of Angels {which was experiencing 80' weather!.. not to rub it in or anything} I was feeling the need to get in touch with my summer lovin' side.. which is about 97.9% of me.. and talk about a very summery topic.. Coconuts :)

Coconuts not only carry a sweet aroma, they taste yummy, AND are SO stinkin' good for you!!! Their benefits far outreach food and health but the oils in coconuts are even good for hair, skin, and nails! Now, what other food has all those benefits in one round hairy fruit!? Hmmm.. NoNe.

Here are 8 Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil: 

1. Your dry or damaged hair will love you after you treat it with coconut oil. Rub it into your hair a half hour before you shower on dry or damaged ends, wash, and repeat each time you hop into your shower!

2.  To help give your hair a glossy shine and reduce frizz apply coconut oil to your hair after you have showered and have styled or in the process of styling your hair. Let it do its magic till the next time you wash those trestles.

3. For an exfoliating facial scrub mix together equal parts baking soda and coconut oil. Massage it on your face and rinse with warm water. Hello eskimo kisses!

4. Sick of those dark dry elbows? Well just apply straight coconut oil to those dry elbows each morning and night until you see and feel a difference.

5. For those of you who suffer from a dry scalp, coconut oil is here to help... massage oil into the roots of your hair for a few minutes before going to bed, put on a shower cap, and cover your pillow with a towel if you're worried about it getting messy. When you wake up wash your hair as usual. Repeat this until you see results you are happy with.

6. If you have severe dry spots on your body or rashes massage coconut oil onto the infected area and allow it to soak in. Do this daily until skin is silky smooth.

7. Acne spots can be zapped away by applying a light layer of coconut oil onto your face after you wash it at night. Give the oil around 15 minutes to soak in before going to bed. Those of you with sensitive skin are okay to do this but be mindful, just pay attention to how your skin reacts to it. We used it on my baby niece and she was ok, but I'm just sayin..

8. Nobody likes a case of athletes foot so asap, rub coconut oil onto the problem area two times daily until it is a goner.

---You can find pure coconut oil at your local natural grocers/ Whole Foods. Organic is best but make sure it is a pure coconut oil. It has a 2 year shelf life and is not as expensive as you may think!!

Quote for the Heart: "Dear God...Today I woke up, I am healthy, I am alive. Thank You." 

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