Sunday, May 27, 2012

Coconut Water Taste Test

I was walking through Whole Foods a week ago and noticed the abundance of coconut water products. I have recently become addicted to this tasty drink but usually just buy whatever is on sale and I don’t pay much attention to the price or quality. That is what inspired the coconut water taste test! Let me first tell you why you should become addicted to coconut water too! There are tons of benefits, especially for fitness freaks and athletes.

Facts about Coconut Water:
Has as much potassium as a banana
Zero cholesterol, Zero fat, Zero added sugars
In the tropics coconut water has been used intravienously to hydrate and has saved many lives in 3rd world countries
Fights aging
Raises your matabolism
Promotes weight loss
Fights diabetes
Treats kidney and urethral stones
Naturally rehydrates after intense exercise
Healthier than sports drinks
It’s delicious :)
Big question when I started my investigation, was “What’s the difference between coconut water and coconut milk?” Well here goes, mystery revealed:
Coconut Water: If you were to crack open a coconut and save the liquid that is inside of its hallow center- that is coconut water, in it’s purest form. This is the same liquid I am drinking for this taste test :)
Coconut Milk: This is made by taking the meaty part of a coconut “the white stuff” and applying tons of pressure and squeezing out the liquid from the coconut. The coconut milk that is used in many Asian dishes (the canned coconut milk) is strickly this milk I am refering to. It is high in fat and calories and has a very rich, milky taste. 
-Coconut milk that is trending as a substitue for cows milk for smoothies, and to top our cereals is made by taking the milk that is from the meaty part of the coconut, applying pressure, straining it and then boiling it with water. This process is why the coconut milk found in the dairy section of your grocery store is a healthy substitute for cows milk. This process of pressure, straining and boiling reduces the fat and calories that come in “pure” coconut milk.
O.N.E Coconut Water $1.89 11.2oz (least favorite, do not recomend)  
-0 fat, cholesterol, allergens, GMOs, added sugars, preservatives, artificial
-a little sour
-I could taste the sodium in it...not the greatest taste
-Tons of potassium 670mg, 60mg sodium,

Blue Monkey $2.19 17.6oz (On a tight budget) 
-All natural, no preservatives
-No added sugars
-Better than ONE
-Smoother taste
-Sweeter and less bitter
-76 cals, 40mg sodium, 290 mg potassium, (per serving- 2 servings per can)

Zico $1.99 11.2oz (Overall winner for price and taste!) 
-All natural 
-Best of the 3
-Lightest tasting
-smooth and the perfect amount of sweetness
-690mg potassium, 60 cals, 54mg sodium,

Harmless harvest $2.45 8oz (Winner for best taste!) 
-The least sweet of them all
-Raw coconut water- meaning its never heated
-most pure taste
-51 cals, 514mg potassium, 4mg sodium

C2O Pure Coconut Water $1.99 17.5oz (Most bang for you buck!) 
-least flavorful of them all
-very watery tasting
-would recomend if you do not like the sweetness or taste of coconut
-50 cals, 75mg sodium, 300mg potassium (per serving, 2 servings per can)

Well, there you have it! I really enjoyed trying all these different brands of coconut water and I hope it helps you discover which one is just right for you! So hit the gym and then give your body exactly what it needs- some delicious, hydration in the form of coconut water! 

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