Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Detoxing is something I am super passionate about. A lot of people detox to lose weight which is awesome, but its not just about losing a couple of extra pounds. Detoxing is super beneficial to your health. I have a small soap box on the topic of detoxing so if you would like to participate in a detox I have a lot of really awesome resources, recipes, food plans, medical detox kit ideas, and more to share.

Toxicity is a MAJOR problem:

Over the course of a lifetime, we will be exposed to thousands of foreign compounds that can enter our bodies through the food we eat, the air we breath, and directly through our skin. To make matters worse, many of use have substituted healthy meals with a poor diet that lacks nutritional value to fuel the body's detoxifying capacity. All of these factors can contribute to an accumulation of toxins.

Where do toxins come from?

  • More than 4 million distinct chemical compounds have been formulated over the last half decade.
  • At least one quarter million new chemical formulations are produced every year.
  • More than 400 chemicals have been found in human tissues and fluids-- many of these are known carcinogens.
  • On average, 500 different chemicals can be found in American homes.
  • More than 3,000 chemicals can be legally added to our foods.
  • Our drinking water contains more than 700 chemicals.
  • In the cosmetic and perfume industries alone, more than 800 neurotoxic compounds have been used. 
Its hard to believe we are putting chemicals and toxins in our system through things like cheap lotion. 

Detoxification of stored toxins involves 3 stages

Liver Function Phase I:
- Fat-soluable toxins are transformed into intermediate compounds which be more reactive, but bind more easily to non-toxic, water-soluable molecules in phase II.

Liver Function Phase II:
- Formation between the reactive intermediates and water-soluable molecules make the entire compound harmless and ready for excretion out of the body
-without enough supportive phase II substances, the reactive intermediates can attack healthy tissues and may cause damage

- Neutralizes toxins, now made water-soluable, are removed from the body in urine via the kidneys or bile through the intestines.


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  3. Love your post! I'd love to hear more about the recipes, food plans, etc!