Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Giddy!

It's Christmas Eve and I can't sleep. In years past I couldn't sleep because I was so excited thinking about Santa sliding down the chimney and because of all the great presents under the tree, because of the great Christmas breakfast my mom always makes or because my stocking was filled to the brim with goodies. Tonight is a different story though. I can't sleep because I am genuinely thankful today. I'm really thankful for my family. My big messy family. Malachi got a drum set tonight for Christmas but Mom, Dad, Josiah and I still sat in the living room with coffee and dessert talking/yelling to each other as he banged around upstairs and I was thankful. This morning Dad and I woke up early to beat the last minute shoppers which we denied ourselves of being and grabbed a Starbucks on the way down to complete our Christmas shopping. We blew through Banana Republic, H&M, and Gap in about an hour fulfilling everyone on our list in true Mekenzie/Rustin fashion. We chatted about life and fire arms and politics and marriage and God and I was thankful. My mom is the most phenomenal hostess and if you've ever gotten the opportunity to have a meal around the Carlson table, you know there's far too much food than guests to enjoy it. She overdoes it because she wants you to feel loved and important and honored and fed, not just with food but with love and good conversation. She thinks about you specifically. She made me salmon tonight while the boys ate brisket just because she knew I would like it better. Her gift of hospitality makes me thankful. I'm thankful for my older brother who is the nicest and most genuine guy you'll ever meet. He's sensitive and strong and smart and kind. He really values my opinion so we talk about all sorts of things when we are together and I give him lots of "girl perspective." He makes me thankful. And then there's Malachi. Today we were riding in the car together just him and I. He carefully scrolled through his playlist to find good country music that I would like. We sang at the top of our lungs together and I was thankful. My family is really great and being together around Christmas time is nostalgic and wonderful. I'm so thankful for every weird and goofy member. Here's to another Christmas full of family and fun and memories and most importantly, the celebration of Jesus.

Good Night Friends & Merry Christmas!

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