Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hydrate for the Holidays

     If you are anything like me, the only time you ever drink water is when your thirsty. I've heard that when your thirsty, its too late. Like any other physical sensations, thirst tells us something is missing from our bodies that we need. Its an indicator that if we don't replenish, we won't be able to operate at full power. I know what that's like. I almost always forget my water bottle on my way out the door for the gym and frequently run out of activity classes to grab a sip from the drinking fountain. I'm not your typical "carry around your Nalgene" Coloradan either. I try to drink a glass right when I wake up and right when I go to bed and everything else is a bonus. I realize that if I drink more water I'll have energy for my workouts, my muscles won't become fatigued, and I'll be combatting toxins all day long. I really want to hydrate better so when I heard about the HydraCoach it was immediately added to my Christmas list. 

     The HydraCoach is a measurement device that calculates, monitors, and provides instant feedback on fluid consumption. Measurements are determined by a users weight and duration of exercise. The HydraCoach generates a personal hydration goal for the day accounting for intensity of exercise, heat, altitude etc. so that your sure to be keeping yourself hydrated all day long. 

Water the Body: 
• Transports nutrients and oxygen to cells
• Ensures adequate blood volume
• Protects against heat exhaustion
• Acts as insulation in the cold
• Regulates body temperature
• Cushions joints
• Suppresses appetite
• Assists the body in metabolizing stored fat
• Relieves fluid retention problems
• Reduces sodium buildup in the body
• Helps to maintain proper muscle tone
• Rids the body of waste and toxins
• Relieves constipation
• Helps convert food into energy
• Maintains strength and endurance
• Protects organs

Other helpful hydration tips: 
- Give your water so FLAVA: Strawberries are a personal favorite. Adding cucumber, mint leaves, lemons, limes, and different kinds of berries will give your water an extra pop. 

 Set your alarm: Its a good way to remind yourself its time for more. Eventually it will becomes second nature. 
-  Drink before you eat: Make it a habit to drink a glass of water before every meal. 
-  Make water your accessory: Don't leave the house without your HydraCoach or any other water bottle. 

- Keep a glass on your desk at work: Every time its empty, go refill. 

- Drink a glass right when you wake up: NOT AFTER YOUR COFFEE (note to self) 

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