Sunday, December 9, 2012

Top Ten Essentials!

Every girl has her go-to’s, the things in life you can’t live without, her daily must have’s. I definitely have them in my life and when I think about actually going a day without one of these 10 essentials, it kinda gives me anxiety. I know, I’m being a bit dramatic but to some extent it’s true. I love these products, foods and life necessities! Maybe you can learn to love them too. 

Top 10 Essentials for my life:

1.       EOS Chapstick. It comes in the most delicious flavors like mango, sweet mint, and strawberry. More than their great smell, its best feature is its shape. The weird egg design allows me to easily find it in my suitcase of a purse. I always use the entire thing, because I never lose it. I mean honestly what girl can say she has used an entire chapstick from start to finish? It’s an anomaly. 

2.       Nike running tights. I cannot buy enough pairs of these hot pants. They come in every color or print you could possibly think of and for every type of weather! They are by far the most comfortable thing to wear when working out. Add them to your Christmas wish list, if it’s not too late. Here are tights I asked Santa for…
Seriously, with this print? So stinkin' fun!

3.       Almonds. Yep, sounds boring but nothing satisfies me more than my afternoon snack of almonds, of course paired with a hot cup of green tea. They are so good for you and with their high protein quality they curb appetite when the office vending machine might be screaming your name!

4.       Jergins Natural Glow Lotion. This is a must for me during the winter. It actually provides your skin with a healthy looking tan (and I use the word tan loosely, it’s more of a “not so pasty tan!") With a brand like Jergins it makes my skin soft the entire day. Double Bonus!

5.       Day Planner. Call me old fashioned but I have to see it in writing on paper for it to count. Siri just doesn't do it for me. I feel like I can’t trust her. My life is too busy to just remember everything I am suppose to do. But when I see it written down, my mind can actually wrap around the long to do list and I manage my life much better this way. It’s crazy but I think I would have a 2 year old melt down if I lost it!
Please note my Saturday plan! 

6.       French Press. As many of you know, I am a coffee-aholic. I love it in almost all forms but if I’m making it at home it only comes one way, french press. It’s bold. It’s a process. And it’s the most delicious way to drink your coffee. Of course freshly grind your beans (Mrs. Lobdell would freak out if you didn't!) add pipin’ hot water, stir, let sit for at least 4 minutes and the finale..PRESS! Ta’da!! French press!

Always put your coffee in a fancy, personalized mug

7.     Suave Dry Shampoo. This is a fav that came from our one and only Lo Zeman! She is a avid user and has made me a big fan. Sometimes, during my long days I’ll work out during my lunch break. To cover up any weird smells or greasy bangs, I’ll use a couple sprays of this gem and I’m good to go. It’s a life saver when I’m in a hurry too! *Please keep my non showering habits on the DL, ok?*

8.     Good Running Shoes. I know, I talk about running shoes in about every post, but I can’t help it...I am obsessed. Splurge over $100 on heals, never! But splurge over $100 on a pair of amazing running shoes, absolutely. May I recommend my newest favs of the Mizuno Waves 13. Light weight but lots of great support with fun, bright colors. Ascis is also an awesome brand.
Our shoes at the Malibu Half. 

 9.      Lash Stiletto Mascara. Ask any of the core and they will tell you about my addiction to mascara. I have tried almost every brand out there and I am a sucker for the newest release of this lengthening beauty product. But Lash Stiletto by Maybelline, is incredible. It’s not clumpy and stays all day long. It’s the one I always come back to and I rarely go a day without this phenomenal invention.

10.     Essie Nail Polish. My roommate, Karlie and I just counted and we have 14 bottles of this unbelievably stunning nail polish. They come in the best colors, and stay on your nails without chipping for a really long time. Right now they have some really fun holiday glitter polishes. To. Die. For. Essie nail polish is my impulse buy whenever I step foot in Target. 
I think I will do this holiday color for the office Christmas party!

So there you have it; my dailies in a nut shell. On a typical day you will find me sipping my french press coffee, applying my second coat of lengthening mascara, putting my running shoes into my gym bag and writing my long list on lunch dates in my planner. I need them, I want them and I cannot live without my “must haves!” 

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