Monday, January 16, 2012

Meet the Core Four

We call ourselves the “Core Four.” We have been four inseparable friends in college and beyond. We have walked through many seasons together and look forward to the chapters and journeys ahead. We take trips together, cook, shop, plan events, paint nails, run races, and simply do life together as much as we possibly can.

Erin, Lauren, Gabrielle, Mekenzie
Even though we are dispersed from city to city and soon to be state to state, we hope to continue to grow and be intentional with each other because we recognize the value of rare friendship.  While we are all very different, we are very much the same. Our interests often overlap and we share passion for creativity, success, the Lord, people, life, family, beauty, fashion, and fitness. Blogging will be one way we can share our lives with you, our family and friends as well as share life with each other.

We will each post a little bit about ourselves so you can get to know us!

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