Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My name is Mekenzie.  I’m from Kansas City and currently finishing my last semester at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado although I am eager to make it back to my home away from home (Kansas) in May.

Describe your perfect cup of coffee:
Gabrielle turned me into a coffee snob. She not only made me the addict that I am today, but she has a particular way of preparing the perfect cup that I just can’t get away from. I love the drip! Its time consuming, yet makes a powerful cup of BOLDNESS. It’s so bold in fact that you might get the shakes if you’ve never had it before. She also taught me that sweet coffee is disgusting so I’m a half and half girl all the way. Ultra-pasturized of course. And I have to drink from a great mug. She has a few more discrepancies as to how to prepare hers, but thats about as much detail as I can go into about my own perfect cup.

Currently Loving:
I am currently loving ESSIE nail color, healthy treats, training for my half marathon, Bachelor nights with girlfriends, braids, reading "bittersweet", and watches.

Favorite way to sweat:
I love to run. Its great cardio and it tones EVERY STINKIN part of your body. I love competing as well and am currently training for my third half marathon. Maybe a full one day. YIKES!

Celebrity Style Icon: Heidi Klum
I adore Heidi Klum. She’s my style crush. She picks designers that push the boundaries, she’s experimental and edgy, and masters girly chic. Even bumming around with kids in tow, she is always effortlessly thrown together. She follows trends and makes her own. I think she’s great.

Dream destination spot:
Greece. Enough said.

 3 diet staples:
1. Peanut Butter. I go through a jar a week EASILY. When school gets stressful, give me three days with a jar and it will be gone. Justin’s Almond butter is a fav, but I also really love the fresh DIY peanut butter at Whole Foods and the Bees Knees.
2. Yogurt. I go through yogurt almost as fast as I go through peanut butter. Favorite brands: Noosa and Greek Goddess. Paired with fruit and granola. I am in HEAVEN.
3. Granola. I really love Bear Naked brand and the Banana nut is to die for. Try it with Noosa or Greek Goddess yogurt.

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