Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My name is Gabrielle... I graduated from Colorado State University just about a month ago! I love the fashion industry and hope to find my own niche in it in the very near future. I am a Cali girl at heart, that's where I'm originally from, but for now am living at home in CO; loving the Lord, loving my 5 year relationship with a sexy sweet soccer player, and loving my family.

Describe your Perfect cup of coffee:
Drip Coffee... Need I say more? For those of you whose taste buds haven't had the pleasure of sipping drip coffee let me tell you about it. First off, you must have patience when brewing this kind of coffee cause it can be time consuming but well worth the wait. You grind the beans{bold roast a must}, dump them into a funnel, pour boiling water into the funnel and wait for the magic to happen... Although the key to this perfect cup of coffee is the half-N-half.. ultra pasteurized and sweet creamer are not allowed in my mug.. only a select two kinds of half-N-half make the cut.. I would tell you all the other details but then you would really consider me a coffee snob! So, there it is..my perfect cup' a joe.

Currently Loving...
Friends seasons on DVD, I can watch the same ones over and over and still laugh like it's the first time, all things fur, Pinterest, a.k.a. my daily drug, Joyce Meyer's daily devotional "The Confident Woman," lipstick, and Brown Cow maple yogurt with Udi's granola!

Favorite way to Sweat:
I've got my blue suede shoes and I'm not afraid to use them :) I love getting a good sweat on by dancing! I run to get a good work out cause I know it's good for me, but I do not love it. I do LoVe dancing though... I used to take ballroom/salsa/swing dancing and discovered a passion! I am by no means a pro but it makes me so happy and I dream of being a dancer on Dancing with the Stars!

Celebrity Style Icon:
MK&A~ These girls scream fashionistas! Ever since they received buzz for their style they have pushed boundaries and answered to no one. They create style all their own and don't linger on every new trend that arises. They master boho like no one else and have recently embraced their fashion mogul status and become glam goddesses.

Dream Destination Spot:
Ok, so I've never been a decisive person and when it comes to this question especially, I can not choose just one; so here are my top three: Italy, Spain, and Greece!

3 Diet Staples: 
1. Peanut Butter: I can eat this all on its own, with fruit, on toast, with dessert.. truly it is the perfect food
2. Ice Cream: LOVE. lOvE.. LoVe! Slurp!
3. Salad: love how fresh they are and how many different toppings you can play around with, I have at least one a day

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