Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Crunch Of The Week

Quinoa Cashew Salad 


- Spring Mix
- Quinoa (I cooked mine with chicken stock for added flavor) 
- Red Grapes
- Avocado
- Fresh Basil 
- Cashews
- Yellow Pepper 
- Red Onion 

On Sunday afternoon I washed and chopped all my ingredients. I stored them in tubber wear in the fridge for easy access. Every night before bed I filled one tubber wear with spring mix and one with all my toppings (Minus the avo and cashews). When you're ready for lunch, grab a plate, top your bed of greens, and you're ready to eat! 

I chose not to use any dressing because the grapes, quinoa, and avocado make the salad wet enough for my preference, but if you do prefer to include a dressing I would go with a light olive oil/ balsamic vinegar! 

~ Mekenzie 

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