Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wake Up, Slow Down, & Eat Breakfast

Lately, even tho it's been 90+ degrees outside, I have been craving a yummy sweet N' healthy warm breakfast to pair with my ever satisfying morning cup. 
I love cinnamon and the health benefits are outrageous so I started there. I went to my "go-to" spot for recipes, a.k.a PInterest, and found a recipe that made my tummy grumble. And coincidence?.. it's from Gaby's G-Free Blog! 

Cinnamon Quinoa Bake
...is your mouth watering yet?

This is so tasty and is the perfect partner for a cup of joe' or tea; if you're crazy and don't like coffee :)
And like it says above, I am a firm believer in enjoying a leisurely breakfast. Life can be so crazy and get away from you before you know it. I like to take the time in the morning to slow down and start my day at the right pace. It really sets me up! If you can enjoy a relaxing morning, even if it's just an hour, then when the rest of the day gets bogged down with business, you know you at least had that hour to make a healthy breakfast, have a quiet time with the Lord, sit around and talk with your best girlfriends, or cuddle in bed with your huni :)

<3 Gabrielle

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