Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In a Winter Workout Rut?

In a winter workout rut?

This is by far the most difficult time of the year to stay motivated with your workout regimen. Maybe your feeling bored with the machines at the gym because it’s still to cold to be outside or maybe you have let those New Year’s Resolutions fall through the cracks. I want to offer you some helpful tips to break through those winter ho hum workouts so that you can stay on track and be bikini ready come spring time. 
Break out of the norm
One of my favorite ways to work out is through fitness classes at my gym. Classes offer an up beat, high energy training that will not only boost your heart rate but  your mood. Step out of your comfort zone and try something you’ve never done before like kick boxing, for instance. Feeling a little sassy? Participate in a Zumba class to get that cardio peak, all while dancing to those Latin hits. 
*Not a member to a gym? No worries- most fitness clubs offer free week/month long trials! Just walk in and ask :)
Zumba: Looks fun, right?
Grab a buddy
There’s a great song by Taylor Swift called Two is Better Than One- ain’t that the truth. Everything is more fun when you have a friend along for the ride. Having a partner to work out with is a great way to stay motivated in your workout plan because it provides accountability. It’s much more difficult to back out on exercise when you have to call you friend to cancel. Make it an adventure and take a new workout class together or do partner exercises like medicine ball throws. Taking partner runs is one of my favorite ways to workout with a friend. You can take it to the next level by signing up for a race together!

Lo and I running a 10k together!

Revamp your music
Can you rap the lyrics to your favorite rap song better than Lil Wayne? Listening to the same songs all the time can sink you into a plateau  of boring workouts. For just a few dollars you can add variety and newness to your playlist. Partner up with a friend and exchange workout tracks to boost your all too familiar library of songs. Try adding songs that differ from you typical genre to really increase the uniqueness of your workout. Check out this site for a list of heart pumping, fast paced songs 
Look the part
Buying a new workout tank or yoga pants can really increase your mood when hitting the gym. Feeling confident while at the gym is key to breaking through the winter lull workouts. My roommate Karlie is always looking her best at the gym and also has killer sessions because of it. Most of the time adding one new outfit to the mix of old, ragged t’s,  will bring out the self confidence needed to step boldly into the gym and move forward with your workout goals. If you want a bargain, Target has bright colored tanks and sports bras to lighten your mood. Wanna splurge a little? Lulu Lemon is top notch in style and quality! 

Lulu Lemon crop pants. I'm in LOVE!

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