Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spices That Heal

Cooking with spices is often a foreign concept to most people and using them for healing purposes, well that's speaking another language. 
I am going to share with you some common spices and their natural remedies.

Ginger: Calming the Queasiness 
Ginger dates back to ancient China and Rome as being one of the most valuable spices for cooking and healing. It is the knotty underground stem, not the root, of a plant. Remember that you can get ginger in many different forms, fresh is always the best and most pungent but dried or ground are still suitable and tasty.  

  • What is this knobby odd looking spice good for? 
Headaches                                Arthritis
Motion/Morning sickness            Asthma 
Upset Stomach                          Cancer
Cholesterol                               Heart Attacks 

Coconut: The Fat that Burns Fat
Coconut spice is the shredded meat from the inside of the coconut fruit. Coconut is 82% fat with 76% of that being saturated fat {MCT}. Saturated fat is the bad fat..usually, but in this case it is what gives coconut its uniqueness and why it is so good for you, unlike the saturated fat in meat and milk! 

  • What is coconut good for?
Slimming your belly/Weight Loss         Alzheimer's 
Antibacterial                                       Crohn's Disease
Acne                                                   Pain Relief 
Colon Cancer                                      Yeast Infection 

Almond: Heart Protector 
Almond IS a spice..crazy? Yes! Almonds are the seeds from the fruit of the almond tree. This spice has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes. One ounce, or 20 almonds, contains 150+ calories and about 78% fat but yet again, this is a good fat that helps in protecting your heart and helps control your weight. 

  • What are almonds good for?
Heart Disease                  High Cholesterol 
HIgh Blood Pressure         Stroke
Weight Loss                     Pre-diabetes 

Basil: Forever Young
Basil researchers have found components in basil that will actually overtake dangerous molecules called free radicals which erode DNA. In essence, basil is like the fountain of youth. Although it has way more benefits than that!
  • What is basil good for?

Stress Reliever                        Dry Eyes
Acne                                       Gout 
Cholesterol Problems              Malaria
Pink Eye                                 Ulcers 

Quote for the Heart: "Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one, wild, and precious life..." 

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