Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Day In The Life....


To give you a run down of a "typical" day is a bit of a challenge with my job. I love it this way though. While structure and routine helps me feel disciplined and productive, my personality craves adventure, spontaneity, and creativity.

Morning Routine: I really like to get my workout in before work, so my day starts pretty early. I'm an early bird and feel most energized before the sun comes up. A.M. workouts set the tone for my day, give me energy, and help me to be mindful about my meals and snacking. Luckily, I don't feel like the only crazy one. Erin is just an hour up the road breakin a sweat early too. We've been known to exchange embarrassing yet motivational pictures during our morning workouts. I usually do my workouts at the gym, but now that the sun is up earlier i've been taking my workouts outside. I live in Wash Park, a great park in Denver that has a 2.5 mile loop. Lee and I have been training for the Boulder Boulder so I've loved getting to run outside with the warmer temperatures. I usually have enough time after my workouts to swing by Starbucks for a coffee and quiet time or just to spend some time reading before work.

Work: My workday starts at 8:00 a.m. I nanny full time for the sweetest little 2 year old boy. Brady and I have a shared love for adventure. We can be found running around all over Denver making bubbles at The Children's Museum, riding Star the stallion at King Soopers on grocery day, saying hello to the hippos at the zoo, chasing butterflies at the Butterfly Pavilion, walking the balance beam at Little Gym, running trails in the bob stroller, and sliding at the playground in Wash Park. We are major frequenters of Barnes and Noble for their killer Thomas train set, the downtown REI which has a great cave and awesome slides, Starbucks because I have a problem, and Whole Foods for 'pizza Friday.' We ride tricycles, count bunnies on morning walks, stomp on ant hills as we walk the trails, read books, pick up the mail,  cook & bake, paint, have picnics, and go to the car wash. We share a love of vegetables, peanut butter, and snacking. He calls me Kiki and I call him Brady babe. We are fast friends and he teaches me so much about patience, joy, and adventure.

Evening Routine: I really love to cook. Most evenings I can be found scowering pinterest for new recipes, chopping, stirring, sautéing, grilling, and mixing and loving every second of it. I have an awesome souse chef...Lee. We cook together many nights. Cooking with him is my favorite part of the day. We listen to music, sip on vino, and chat about our days. He is up for trying anything and loves to eat healthy so meal planning and cooking with him is so much fun. I also love having time with friends in the evenings. I love to squeeze in girl time during the week even if its a happy hour, walk, or nail painting. The rest of the night is spent getting myself together for the next day. I like to get to bed early so I have enough energy to chase Brady around and wake up for my morning workout.

Thats about it friends. A day in the life of Mekenzie... If you have any great idea for Brady adventures in Denver please share! Have a great day!

~ Mekenzie

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