Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Soapin' It

Ok, so my mission is to get up on my soapbox and rant about something, anything!
When Jenni said it could be a pet peeve my mind halted and I knew exactly what I would be ranting to you all about today... my BIGGEST personal pet peeve..Wet SoX!

It is that moment right there!.. or when you're in the kitchen with socks on and you step in a puddle of water or a liquified ice cube.. Errr! Honestly, I'm getting a little peeved just talking about it.. lol. 

I could be in the best mood EvEr and the exact second I step on a wet floor with my sox, I instantly transform into Cruella de Vil! ANd I am telling you, if you're next to me, it is best to just turn around and walk away. 

The images I found on this are hysterical! 

Wishing you all a wet sock-less kinds day :) 

<3 Gabrielle 

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