Saturday, May 25, 2013

You have something on your face....

Day 25: Something someone told you about yourself that you won't ever forget.

I definitely won't ever forget this one. Back in grade school, I took dance lessons. For whatever reason my mom couldn't take me on day, so my friend's mom who lived across the street was taking me that afternoon. It was just her and I in the car, and I was in the front seat. We were talking on the way there, and suddenly she stopped and looked at me.

"Oh, Lauren, I think you have something on your face, it looks like a little bit of chocolate on your lip."

"Um, that's my mole."

Poor sweet lady, she was so embarrassed. Bless her heart.

My moles in all their glory
M husband and I like to joke, I'm fairly mole-y. But I've learned to embrace it, it's part of makes me who I am. As my Daddy always told me growing up, they are "beauty marks". It's just like Marilyn's, only a little more centered :)


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