Monday, May 13, 2013

My Public Apology

Here goes...I am sorry. I am sorry for how obsessed with food I am. I am sorry that I love to take pictures of my food, post pictures of my food, and send texts of food to my bests. I am sorry that all day long, I am constantly thinking about food and the joy it brings me.

When should I eat next? What should I eat? What should I make for dinners and lunches this week?

Even right after I eat, I am still thinking about it. My husband laughs at me because even after we stuff our faces and sit down to veg in front of the tv at night, I will see a commercial for some restaurant or food place or DAIRY QUEEN and say out loud "Ooo! That sounds so good right now!" He thinks I'm crazy because even when I am so full I can always find something that I think sounds good.

But really, Im not sorry. I am not sorry that I like to show my love for others through food, through new flavors, and that I love to feed my body the nutrients it needs in the most tasty way possible.

I don't mean to post meals to show off, or to show how fancy my meals look. I genuinely love cooking, it is a passion of mine.I love making bright colorful meals and sharing them with those I love.


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  1. I'm definitely obsessed with food, too, though I've had to get way more creative with what I'm eating (and how much!) since getting on a healthy/clean-eating kick in January. Just requires some creativity, that's all! :)